Is a my modem not required

  sattman 21:03 16 Mar 2003

My main email account is a POP3 account with a ISP using Microsoft Outlook and a dial up modem.

To retrieve my email I have been continuing to access outlook and dialling via the modem.

Now that I have installed Mailmasher it seems to retrieve both hotmail and pop and does not use the modem. (Text view only)

I got to think that I may not need to use the modem and instead retrieve my mail via broadband

Can any one advise, or am I missing a vital link

  sattman 21:05 16 Mar 2003

Forgot vital bit

Should have said now that I am on Broadband

  interzone55 21:15 16 Mar 2003

I've you've got broadband you're wasting you money dialing up to collect mail.

In Outlook goto accounts & (i'm guessing here, as I don't use Outlook) and navigate until you find the connections dialogue, select your broadband connection here.
This will then use you broadband connection to pick up mail.

You only need your modem now if you ever send faxes. Although it may be an idea to keep it incase your broadband connection fails (mine did for a fortnight due to a problem at the exchange that BT failed to spot)


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