My mobo or my PSU dead?

  tcv 18:00 09 Dec 2005

Bkg:My old computer usually made real grinding sound on startup for a bout a minutes or so before it quieted down. AFter that, things are ok. It did seem like the grindings from the HDD or the fans tho. I slave my HDD to another comp...and had no problem, whatsoever.

Problem: This time, on bootup I heard one beep (right ater I pushed the power button) but nothing on monitor. NO POST, LED on keyboard did not lid up as ususal. Everthing is very quiet. All fans are running as usual. CANNOT get to BIOS screen.

mobo: MSI 648MAx-L 6585
psu: Raidmax PM-S3505 (fairly new)

Assumption : Mobo went belly up cause fans still running fine. HDD led flashs on power up. HDD is fine on another comp. Monitor is good on others

What do you think happened and how do I find out if it is my mobo or my PSU? Thanks

  Totally-braindead 18:25 09 Dec 2005

Depending on your chipset ie whether its an AMI bios or AWARD or whatever look here click here

  Totally-braindead 18:29 09 Dec 2005

Just had a look at the MSI website and it appears to be an AWARD bios, one bleep means faulty RAM, having said that I've just read that there are a few differnt types of AWARD bios and therefore this may not be correct.

  woodchip 19:22 09 Dec 2005

first as you think it's the hard drive remove power plug from drive see if you get something on screen

  tcv 21:24 09 Dec 2005

my PSU just went dead??? If I keep my finger on the power run (kinda medium speed not full) and if I remove my fing...nothin' happens and this is a fairly brand new Raid Max 350W. How could it be or I just have no luck?

I dont know if replacing the PSU would solve the prob but I will let you all know if the new PSU will fix the prob. Thanks

  woodchip 21:27 09 Dec 2005

350 not good if you have several drives I have a 550watt

  phono 21:35 09 Dec 2005

I am inclined to agree with woodchip, most likely a PSU problem, I have often seen fans spinning and lights on but PSU was shot.

  bemuzed 11:55 10 Dec 2005

I've had 2 PSU go (I buy cheap) and found a multimeter a useful gadget. You can test voltages ont eh PSU power output cables and solves a lot of time in tracing faults and ideintidying or eliminating the PSU as a casue. B&W, MAplin etc will do na OK one for £5. Also come in handy testing fuses around the house etc.
Finally I hear some mobos have a light to indicate if they are working.

  woodchip 14:45 10 Dec 2005

If you start testing with tester, you should not test with it disconnected from the computer as this will blow the PSU. It works as a Switching PSU meaning it only provides power when there is a load, If you test the PSU push the live red into the back of pin on motherboard PSU with power on Most volts on this plug round about 20volts black lead goes to case.

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:21 10 Dec 2005

click here

  tcv 20:44 10 Dec 2005

Ok, I just change out to a brand new 500W Xconnect PSU and guess what....NOT a single thing moved. Dead silent. I double, triple checked all connection seating. Could it be the bad switch (hmm..I dont even want to think about that)? or the MOBO as well?

So it is not the PSU and the wire connects the switch to the mobo still intact. How can I tell the mobo dead or alive visual? Any LED on the board that I over look?

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