my latest windows update!!

  Black Strider 09:19 13 Dec 2008

Hi all!

I have just a small problem, but I find it very annoying so, I thought I'd ask those that know!!

My pc has just downloaded the latest windows XP update.
My problem is that I now have a Task Bar and " my favourites side bar" are in a much bigger resolution of 800x600, but the actual screen remains at 1024x768.
How can I change them back to there original resolution?
Black Strider

  Pineman100 10:30 13 Dec 2008

Have you tried going into ControlPanel and adjusting the screen resolution? You may find that simply changing the display setting to 800 x 600 and then changing back to 1024 x 768 will do the trick.

  Black Strider 10:37 13 Dec 2008

Yep, done that but still no joy!
it seems that just the taskbar and favorites are 800x600 but not the entire display!
I'll probably just have to put up with it, but i wish the updates would not muck about with ones screen!
Black Strider

  iscanut 10:45 13 Dec 2008

There may be another reason as this week's updates did not do this to my machine.

  Pine Man 11:28 13 Dec 2008

Do a system restore and then try the updates one at a time to see which one causes it.

  Pine Man 11:29 13 Dec 2008

Just noticed it was one update. I'll go back to reading the paper!

  Black Strider 12:05 13 Dec 2008

Thanks for the input.
But I'll do a restore and see what happens!

I didn't know two different screen resolutions could be put on the one screen!

Read the paper? nout else one can do with this weather anyway!

Black Strider

  Pine Man 14:54 13 Dec 2008

Just finished the paper and saw your problem was ticked - what did you do?

  sinbads 10:08 14 Dec 2008

don't use xp ;but click here

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