my latest attempt.....

  Sethhaniel 15:12 03 Sep 2006

click here

in minimalistic design ??

any comments?

  mco 15:25 03 Sep 2006

I was very interested in reading all your poems but I must confess I found the different background images a distraction - particuarly the ones with darker colours or 'busy' pictures. Also, clicking from one poem to another - each poem has a different background image and there's a couple of seconds where you get the text on a plain background (easy to read) then the image 'kicks in' and it gets harder to see. I can appreciate why you don't want a clear white background and I can even appreciate why you think each poem should have a different background, but if it were me, I'd think seriously about toning them down and maybe making them more uniform. Wonder what others think?

  Sethhaniel 15:51 03 Sep 2006

up over the weekend
will have a look at tonign the backgrounds down a bit - I already had on the 'Sending' page as this was quite purple to start with and ended up a more light brown?

any way at least site is up and now more time to chop and change backgrounds

you're right in thinking the backgrounds are connected to the poems in some way ;)

  PurplePenny 16:56 03 Sep 2006

Hovering over the little flashing lights to reveal the name of the poem doesn't work in Firefox (and probably won't in Opera either).

This is because you've used the "alt" attribute to provide the pop-up name; but that isn't how "alt" is supposed to be used and IE's handling of it is not considered correct.

You could do what you want using a "title" attribute to provide a tooltip BUT some screen readers do not read out the title/tooltip so blind users of those browsers would never hear the poem name.

You could use CSS to bring up the names but that won't work in IE until IE7. Here's an example (with code) from Eric Meyer: click here

  Sethhaniel 17:30 03 Sep 2006

will look at this again 'eric meyers' page seems a way to go
but see what happens

Ta ;)

  PurplePenny 19:20 03 Sep 2006

Use both "alt" and "title": screen readers should hear the "alt" text. Of course if the screen reader actually reads the title too the user will hear the sme thing twice!

  Forum Editor 01:07 04 Sep 2006

I don't think so.

Why do you need those backgrounds? They're incredibly distracting, and (excuse me for this) naff.

The little flashing buttons are also very irritating - why not have simple text hyperlinks in a table? If you really must have a multi-coloured atmosphere you could colour the cell backgrounds, but beware of the 'explosion in a paint-factory' syndrome. The whole idea of the site is to focus on your poems, not on the gizmos you've picked up all over the web.

Why don't you register your on domain name, have it properly hosted, and dump the Google ad bar?

I realise that all this must sound terribly negative, but you're doing your work an injustice at the moment - it deserves better.

  Sethhaniel 10:21 04 Sep 2006

where's your sense of adventure - there are millions of 'plain' sites out there - mine is to be an artisitic challenge

well been working a bit more on it - and hopefully put some bits up later today

"Why don't you register your on domain name, have it properly hosted, and dump the Google ad bar? "
all donations accepted - i'm up here in the 'poor' North East - not the opulent South of the country ;(

  gibbs1984 12:09 04 Sep 2006

To design a website you need to think if other people will like it, be able to navigate around without getting lost and actually understand what the site is about without reading to much.

I opened your website and didn't really know what the website was about, OK you've got the title Poems of Graham Stuart Broughton which means nothing to means, you could add a paragraph or two about the bloke.

Again a lot of people that enter the website wouldn't know how to find your poems, those little flicks dots didn't automatically say to me click me.

Simple is clear and easy to use.


  Sethhaniel 13:25 04 Sep 2006

If you had clicked on five minutes later you would have seen the revised in fashion site - with a page about me and more details - a couple of background changes- but as it is still in its infancy and just prepared and put up over saturday evening
I still think it has potential to some sites i've seen that have been up ages
- and as work in progress it will grow and mature in time ;)

  gibbs1984 13:52 04 Sep 2006

Have you got a link to it Sethhaniel cause I clicked on the link at the top of this thread and the site looks the same to me.


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