My laptops CD drive keeps breaking :(

  livewire 00:47 02 Aug 2008

Ive got an Evesham Voyager C530 laptop (Mitac 8258i, i think)

The CD drive has been replaced on site by Evesham engineers twice already and it is broken... again!!

The drive is making horrible noises and wont read any discs.

With Evesham out of buisness and despite me paying £4.99 for "Total Care" with Eveshams "Time" owners they would want my lapotp sent to them to repair. I dont really want to see the laptop go away so would like to repair myself.

Having watched two engineers swap the drive out before I think I know what to do...

Can anyone recommend a reliable CD drive brand for laptops? The ones ive had have all been Sonys (different models though).

I dont really want to have my third fail on me as well :O Is it common to have optical drive problems on laptops?

Thanks for any insight!

  C3 07:36 02 Aug 2008

Changing the CD drive is pretty easy. Usually there is one screw holding the drive in place. Remove that and you should be able to pull the drive out without any difficulty.

There may be a bracket screwed onto the back of the drive. This bracket will need to be removed and put on to the new drive.

As for brands, I don't really know. I've only played with whatever brand Acer and HP use in their machines.

  ashdav 11:41 02 Aug 2008
  T0SH 12:10 02 Aug 2008

Look here at the MITAC site
click here
follow the tech support option select your model of laptop with a bit of searching and some luck there will be a downloadable service or repair manual usually they come with a part number listing and normally will list a few different makers options for compatible CD drives

usually the bigest problem is the drive bezel if it is the standard rectangular shape then almost any laptop CD drive will fit all you need to do is transfer the kitting parts (brackets and connectors) from the old drive to the new one

The manual will have a diagram of the component assemblies

Cheers HC

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