My Laptops BLANK screen of death! =(

  ExBocks 22:12 01 Jan 2008

Hi all,

i baught myself a HP/Compaq Presario C310ea back in december 06 (26/12/2006 to be precise) with a 1 year HP/Compaq manufacturer warranty (ran out 31/12/2007) had 1 problem with it mid year which HP/Compaq sufficiently resolved.

I was very happy until New years eve! My laptop was running smoothly, listening to music etc when i noticed that the battery was low, ok so i powered it off to save doing any damage, got my ac charger (that came with the lappy) plugged it into the wall as you would...

I gave it 5 minutes then thought id power up! but no luck!

When i press the power button i get the usual whirr of the fan,

a power light on the power button,

a power indicator light on the front of the laptop,

but nothing else! no HDD activity and nothing at all on the screen! not even a back light!


Many Thanks,



  woodchip 22:19 01 Jan 2008

Have you also tried it without the Mains Adapter? Jusy in case it's that, If there was some volts in battery you should get it to light up. If this does not work Try the Laptop with Just Mains adapter remove the battery. I got a HP Laptop in September and I do not use the battery, only mains. O took the battery out, for when I do need it

  ExBocks 22:29 01 Jan 2008

Yup i forgot to mention i emailed hp techy support! they told me to do a power drain (hold the power button while theres no battery or mains attached~) and nothing! then they told me to do a load of stuff in the bios... I HAVE NO BIOS! crazy fools dont like to read the problems!




  skidzy 22:49 01 Jan 2008

Hi Woody,all the best my friend.

Your computer will have a bios !!

Though maybe a corrupt one now for what ever reason !!

Try removing the drive and place in a 2.5 caddy and plug into another computer to see if the drive has failed.

You could also use a usb adaptor cable instead of a caddy.

If the drive is ok,then i suspect the motherboard.

  ExBocks 23:03 01 Jan 2008

i removed the hdd and powered up and got no bios! i think it might be a dead mobo! any other tell tail signs??

slightly off subject, u think i will still be covered by the warranty as it died on new years eve?? i did report it before the end of warranty



  ExBocks 09:42 02 Jan 2008

Hp got back to me, apparently my warranty ran out on the 3 December 07! so, that is less than a year, as i baught it on 26th december 2006!

  ExBocks 12:57 02 Jan 2008

Damn them HP/COMPAQ

  skidzy 15:25 02 Jan 2008

Have you tried the drive in another computer yet ?

What key are you using to try and access the bios ?

  woodchip 19:11 02 Jan 2008

HP F10 for BIOS

  Ganymede 11:38 03 Jan 2008


1.Remove the battery. Remove mains lead. Press the Power button a couple of times to remove any residual energy. With the battery still removed, plug in the mains power and try to boot. If successful, wait until the OS fully loads before plugging the battey back in.

2.If above fails find someone who can access the motherboard, reset the default BIOS settings and try to restart.

3. Professional repair will cost about 250 UKP. You can buy a new great laptop for around 399 UKP.

  Ganymede 11:54 03 Jan 2008


Your years warranty has expired. The repair warranty typically only lasts three months thus you have no warranty claim on HP.

Based on the information you provided the fault is likely the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) settings becoming corrupted. The BIOS settings sit in a little chip on the motherboard powered by a tiny button battery also on the motherboard. The battery needs to be checked/replaced and BIOS settings restored to HP factory settings. Without the correct BIOS settings the hard drive may not be recognised and will not 'start' etc.

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