My laptop won't startup (usually) or it freezes.

  Nala7 00:38 18 Dec 2005

I have an old Tecra 4100. Lately it will only startup after 10 tries or so. When it does startup it will freeze after about 2 mins. I've managed to get through scandisk and scan for viruses for the boot sector and some windows files before it freezes with no problems or viruses found. Each time I try to startup I can hear the hard drive spin up and stay up, but the disk lite usually stops lighting before any kind of inits start to happen--just black screen. If the Toshiba splash screen comes up, it will ussually boot all the way to Windows, but will always freeze even if the computer is sitting there doing nothing. I've ordered a new hard drive thinking that maybe the drive's reader or writer is somehow failing to work, but any other ideas?

  phono 00:52 18 Dec 2005

Have you tried booting from a floppy disk and running diagnostic, antivirus and adware removal software?

If not, do so ASAP, then report back.

  Nala7 01:53 18 Dec 2005

Well, when it does boot AVG Antivirus seems to be running a diag. on the boot sector before loading windows and scandisk always runs before windows loads, each finding nothing. But I don't know what to do about adware. It's a win 98se machine. Is there an adware remover that works in DOS?

  phono 13:49 18 Dec 2005

If your laptop can boot from CD then you need the Ultimate Boot CD, vist this site click here and download the ISO and burn it to CD.

Load it up and hey presto loads of diagnostic software etc.

If your computer still freezes with this loaded it is most likely a hardware, or overheating, problem that you have.

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