My Laptop wont connect to my pc...very fed up !!!!

  TIZWIZ 21:10 24 May 2006

I have just installed a Netgear router to my pc via AOL and is working ok.
I want to connect my sons laptop ( wireless ) to the internet via the pc and router.
How do I get the laptop to pick-up the signal?

I have spent hours and hours trying to make it work, but to no avail ( computer virgin )
Any help please?

  ade.h 21:33 24 May 2006

We'll need a lot more info to progress further...

- Make, model and type of WLAN adapter.

- Make and model of router.

- What firewall is installed on the wireless client?

- Do you want to establish an internet link via the router, or set up a workgroup as well?

- What process are you going through in order to establish a wireless link?

  TIZWIZ 21:46 24 May 2006

Router = DG834G Netgear
Firewall on laptop = Norton 2006
Not sure about workgroup....what is one?
I try to rescan for a link, but it returns as disconnected
The wlan adapter is a Ralink
On the pc I have set up the wireless network and have a wep key wep pass phrase
On the pc i have mcafee firewall installed.

Thanks for your help

  ade.h 21:54 24 May 2006

McAfee and Symantec; I prefer to avoid, let's say... Turn them off while networking, especially McAfee, which has to be THE most un-tweakable firewall I have ever had the misfortune to have to work with.

Ralink is not a brand that I am familiar with; what type is it? Are you running it with its own 3rd-party software or under XP's control?

Do not use any form of encryption until the wireless link is configured, established and working 100% correctly.

A workgroup is what your network clients will need to join - via the Network Setup Wizard - if they are to share files. This must be done only after the network links have been properly established and is not compulsory if the sharing of files and printers is not on the agenda.

  TIZWIZ 21:59 24 May 2006

If I turn off both Macafee and Norton... wont my computer be exposed to other users?
The laptop came wireless ready with ralink

  ade.h 22:09 24 May 2006

"...won't my computer be exposed to other users?"

No, not really.

So the Ralink adapter is internal, then? Presumably controlled by XP, but it could be controlled by proprietary software. Could you check for me? This makes a big difference, potentially.

  TIZWIZ 22:14 24 May 2006

is there any firewall software that will work ok?

How will I check if it is controlled by proprietary or xp?

It is great to get your help... but I have to go to work ( shift ) so I wont catch you until tomorrow sorry.

Thanks Andrew

  ade.h 22:28 24 May 2006

There are a number of good firewalls that I like for network use. Some have free versions - like Kerio or Outpost Lite, while some are premium, such as the full veersion of Outpost. Personally, all my PCs have Kerio (free spec on one, premium on the others) click here

If I were you, I'd do some reading about the realities of firewalls (many threads on this site) and you'll see that (a) the scary hackers are not necessarily out to get you personally and (b) they'd get you anyway. Software firewalls offer a reasonably good defence against the occasional random intrusion attempt, but they are of more value in their outbound access control and program behaviour control. Two things at which Kerio - provided you use it in Advanced Mode - really excels.

To answer your second question; if you're not sure, it's a bit difficult to tell you how you can know, if you see what I mean. It depends on how you connect (or attempt to connect) to the router.

  tigerd 02:39 28 May 2006

XP SP2 with netgear on pc and Xircom on laptop with SP2. It keeps seeming to catch each other then drops the line. I have run the network setup wizard on both machines and they have both said the setup was successful but the line keeps dropping. I will try to disable macafee to see if it will work.

  rsinbad 14:28 28 May 2006

DG834G Netgear comes with its own firewall

  ade.h 14:47 28 May 2006

Virtually all routers have firewalls.

But they are hardware firewalls and we are talking primarily about possible issues with client (software) firewalls. Hardware and client firewalls are very different in function, features and purpose. Hardware firewalls rarely cause loss of functionality or access because their default configuration is usually quite relaxed. Client firewalls need to either be re-configured or re-configure themselves in order to allow network traffic.

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