Is my laptop suppose to get this hot?

  Anna888 21:42 29 Jan 2004

Hiya, this is my first laptop so I'm not sure if anything is wrong with it. I'm getting really worried that the unit is getting too hot. It usually is a bit warm anyway, but when I do something like run Norton Anti Virus Scan, the laptop feels as hot as a cup of coffee! Even more worrying is the side fan doesn't seem to come on, and if it does it's rather random and shuts itself off within a minute.

Is there any reason to be worried?

  Djohn 21:47 29 Jan 2004

I don't think so, the reason being that the fan does come on and go off again.

Modern Laptops can run quite warm, especially if doing something intensive. If they are literally on your lap or a soft base they will get hot.

Try to use on a hard surface so that ventilation can get all round if running a movie or game. j.

  cthooli 21:54 29 Jan 2004

i found with my TIME notwbook, before it broke again. the intake vent was actually on the bottom of the unit so if on my lap my legs and clothes wwould block the intake! so it would get even hotter, despite the name, and from my experience, laptops are only good for sitting on a flat surface and u dont move them! ever! cause apparently un pligging and plugging in the cable can lead to it breaking whiuch isnt covered y the warrenty!! grrrrrr not at all bitter!

  Anna888 21:57 29 Jan 2004

Thank you for your advice,

The thing is my laptop is mostly on a hard surface (my desk) and I've propped it up to aid cooling as there are three airvents located at the base of the unit - alas with no air blowing through it...

It's a centrino & I always had the impression they were cool, light & thin. Guess I was wrong about the cool bit!

  cthooli 21:59 29 Jan 2004

maybe u look good walking around with it?! :) i never found any noticalbe air being drwan in through the bottom but if u hold a sheet of paper against it it gets gently pulled in! and if u have ur hand over the output it should be very warm!

  Anna888 22:07 29 Jan 2004

lol, nah I'm at uni halls so I've got to take it home every now & then.

Regarding the air being drawn in - I've just checked and I'm certain nothing is being drawn in/blown out of any of the fans (three vents at base and one on the side

As for hot, the entire area under and above what I'm guessing is the hard drive/motherboard is hot. My left hand is sweating as I'm typing....

  cthooli 22:19 29 Jan 2004

try running an application like norton, se if the fan switchs on then try the vents again! if still nothing, open a window, wait till u get home mention to folks, take to local computer firm, nice independent one and get them to foot the bills! its worked for me! shame its broken again now!

Mine has been running for the last three hours, not doing very intensive work, and the bottom is very warm indeed. I think you have nothing to worry about so long as air vents are not blocked.

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