My laptop keeps going off and takes long to reboot

  yemi 01:28 09 Oct 2008

My laptop recently start to misbehave by switching off automatically and never come on again until i tried to switch it on more than 8 times. When i pressed the on/off button to reboot the laptop, all the lights will come on indicating that the computer is rebooting, but the LCD screen will still remain dark even after 20 minutes. This is the response i get until i try to reboot it more than 8 times.

And when it finally comes up, i usually get error alert message on the desktop with Error Signature (BCC: 1000007f BCP1: 00000008 BCP2: 80042000 BCP3: 00000000 BCP4: 00000000 OSVer: 5_1_2600 SP: 3_0 Product: 256_1

I reloaded the OP system, but couldnt resolve it because it doesnt stop rebooting. Can someone please help me? All appreciated!

  Halmer 05:52 09 Oct 2008

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Are the vents clear etc. Could be a RAM problem based on postings via Google.

  crosstrainer 06:52 09 Oct 2008

This error code appears to be caised by peer to peer applications, mainly Limewire.

If you are using peer to peer applications the risk of problems with viral and maleare infections is very high, amd as I have advised in the past, don't use them.

I advise you doenload, update and install the following (free) applications:

click here

click here

Run them both to clear your system of infected files. Also update and run your antivirus programme.

  crosstrainer 06:53 09 Oct 2008

Typo's :))

  yemi 20:41 09 Oct 2008

with the help of the advice i got here and from other websites, I took the following steps:

1. opened the laptop and try to clean the cooling fan

2. downloaded memtest86 and ran it on my system and got 1000+ errors ( thought the problem could be RAM, I replaced my RAMs with one of the RAMs in my m8s system, but no luck was recorded.

3. I tried to reload my Operating System and upgrade it to SP3 but all with no success.

4. Now it gets worse because the system hangs if i moved or try to adjust it.

5. And lastly, i now have to restart my system more than 10 times b4 it finally comes up.

6. Another thing i noticed when booting is that if the wireless light come up with the power light, then the screen will go blank...i can only get my system to boot if the wireless light didnt come up while booting. Could the problem be wireless card?

  baldydave 22:22 09 Oct 2008

if your ram has 1000 errors it is scrap!have you got 2 sticks installed,if so take one out and restart do memtest if ok try laptop start up if not take that ram out and put the other in and repeat,if both are bad you need new ram.You tried your mates ram but is it the same spec and compatible with your laptop.
Until you get ram sorted you have no chance of getting system up and running

  yemi 20:54 13 Nov 2008

thank you all for your helpful responses... I just discovered that the motherboard had been corrupted and needed to be changed. I tried to search for replacement motherboard for HiGrade Notino W5700P - VA250D but i had no luck! I would appreciate it if anyone can help on how and where i can buy the replacement motherboard. thanks!

  crosstrainer 10:03 15 Nov 2008

Not sure where you live but this may help:

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