My laptop is dying with viruses

  Bobtinike 06:13 26 Jun 2017

My laptop a ASUS Strix GL502 has died it is extremely slow and barely works. I have a lot of games that have modifications I got off the internet, I always scan my downloads for viruses. One day I was playing a game it crashed and my computer. When I restarted it it was lagging and I couldn't open most programs, but I could open task manager and it said my disc usage was at 100% I tried many fixes I found on the internet and none of them work. Finally I tried to reset it but it makes my screen go black randomly and didn't work. It takes 10 minutes to start up and takes minutes to even open a application. Should I format it?

  rdave13 09:22 26 Jun 2017

You could run your security apps in safe mode first. On the login screen click on the power button, press and hold the SHIFT key and select restart. Once restarted click on Troubleshoot - Advanced Options - Start-up settings - then press 4. It will boot to safe mode without networking. Run your security apps a few times. See if that helps.

  alanrwood 09:34 26 Jun 2017

Sometimes it is just best to bite the bullet and reformat/reinstall. Trying to cure some problems takes longer than a reinstall but that is your decision. Try and save what you can of your documents and games patches as possible first if you go down this route.

  MJS WARLORD 10:58 26 Jun 2017

Hi bob alan is right it is usually less hassle to reboot your pc to a never used state (factory reset).

As like me you are a games player there are a few things i would like to point out to you.If you have a steam account all you need to do is re-install the steam client after a clean install , you then put your current details into the existing user boxes to get you games list back then all you do is re-install them.

With regards to all other games make sure you write down the email address you used to download them plus all your user names. Sometimes you might have to ask the games makers to give you a special installer so you dont loose game progress. Also when you try and re-download a game you might get told the email address is in use... yes i know its yours.... a quick email with proof of who you are can usually sort things out.

  MLA2000 13:49 26 Jun 2017

Your best bet is to use a rescue tool, eg Kaspersky Rescue Disk. From a clean computer, follow these instructions to install Kaspersky's rescue tool onto a USB memory stick and load the program (You do not need to have bought Kaspersky to use this)

Once you reach the rescue disk desktop, follow these instructions to update scan your machine. These rescue disks aim to clean the worst infections up and allow you to get into safe mode.

Once Kaspersky completes its scan, post back for the steps to take next.

  MLA2000 13:58 26 Jun 2017

If Kaspersky fails to find and clean threats, you should use Hitman Pro Kickstart. Hitman Pro has a very very high detection rate. Once this tool is finished you should be able to use your machine normally, again once you have completed, post back for the next step.

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