My laptop is connecting to the web on its own

  greybeard 21:37 09 Apr 2009

I've been running xp2, but now upgraded to xp3, and have Avast running with all the "providers" running at High.
I have MS automatic update set, but that is fully up to date.
Before I upgraded, my laptop kept connecting to the net without my telling it to, and sending 100's of Kbs if I let go on, with little coming down at the same time.
How do I find out what software was/is doing it ?
If had a look at the log in the security centre, but learnt little from it, having no way to resolve the numerical addresses.

On other occasions, for example when checking my downloaded BBC iplayer programmes, again it tries to connect to the net, and when I click on the cancel button of the "dial up connection" window, it ignores the command.
In fact it always ignores the cancel command.
To stop it trying I have to wait for the connection to be made, and only then can I break it, unless I use ctrl/alt/del.
I've checked my windows firewall to look at exceptions, and unchecked Windows Media Player network sharing service(seemed to be 6 copies!), but I note that it only mentions incoming network connections.
Should I be looking somewhere else ?
All help on any of the details gratefully received.

  greybeard 21:39 09 Apr 2009

While sending the above, it has sent up ~40 Mbs while downloding ~10Mbs

  mgmcc 21:49 09 Apr 2009

Go into "Control Panel > Internet Options", select the Connections tab and ensure you've selected "Never dial a connection".

Also, run an up-to-date AntiVirus program to scan the PC for viruses and a Spyware checking program, such as Malwarebytes click here to remove any infections.

  rdave13 21:49 09 Apr 2009

For peace of mind run your security programs. All of my PCs connect to the 'net as soon as booted up.

  brundle 22:18 09 Apr 2009

As you say, you need a third party firewall to monitor outgoing traffic; click here

I would opt for the Sunbelt one personally, but don't select Simple mode when installing or it will only monitor incoming traffic and leave you little better off. Choosing Advanced mode will enable all features.

It may nag you about a trial period - it is actually entirely free, you just need to disable the Internet Filtering component, which is the only part that will becoming inactive automatically after the trial period is up.

  greybeard 11:35 10 Apr 2009

Thanks for help so far received.
I've adopted your suggestion, mgmcc, and changed the connection setting.
I re-ran my avast scanner, but this time it turned up three copies of a trojan - Win32:Crypt-DVK. Any comments on what this particular nasty does, or would I sleep better if I didn't know ?

Now changing all my passwords throughout my system.

Thanks brundle - I've downloaded the Sunbelt, which for a control freak like me(or have now become !)seems to be what I need.

Regards all,

  greybeard 21:32 10 Apr 2009

The laptop is now off line due to additional curious behaviour.

I've not changed any hardware, and recently upgraded to xp3 via the automatic update.

Having removed the three trojan copies, I ran a full scan again but with no result.
When I finished, I briefly connected to the net, but with the broadband status window open, I could see that it was still uploading.
I immediately pulled the plug on it, and then noticed a new icon in the system tray.
Rolling over this, it says "Activate this copy of Windows".
If I double click on it, it opens IE and tries to connect to "click here.
Am I right to be suspicious, or just getting paranoid ? Do I need to activate my original copy of Windows XP just because I've installed xp3?

  greybeard 21:44 10 Apr 2009

The actual url is h t t p:// / ?LinkId=33171&PartnerID=101&LegitCheckError=1
without the spaces.

  DieSse 22:00 10 Apr 2009

BBC iPlayer is a file sharing program. It can be uploading stuff even if you are not actually using it.

Put ... bbc iplayer uploading ... into a google search and read some of the forums and comments about it.

  Ashrich 22:04 10 Apr 2009

Bit of a long thread , but , click here , for an explanation ( if you can understand it , I had trouble ! ) at the bottom of it all the poster had to get an authorisation via the phone , but try reading it and come to your own conclusions .....


  greybeard 22:38 10 Apr 2009

DieSse - I've turned the file sharing off in the settings of the bbc iplayer, so I've been assuming that's not the cause.
That, and the fact that I found the trojan present, might be too much of a coincedence.

Ashley - I see what you mean, and all over three days. It will take me that long to read it, even if I manage to follow it.

I've googled the link I posted and feel just a tad more reassured, but I really would like someone with more experience than I (like most people)to say it's OK.

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