My laptop CD-ROM SUDDENLY stopped working!

  ninjabreakz 12:32 11 Jun 2006

I have an Advent laptop PC which is roughly 2 years old and the CD-ROM suddenly doesn't work anymore - it doesn't recognise ANY type of CD (mp3,DVD,boot disks etc). I have explored the 'Properties' of D-Drive in 'My Computer' and everything is apparantly working fine (drivers are up-to-date, I have re-installed CD-ROM driver, have the latest Windows Updates etc). When I insert a CD into the drive the light just flashes twice and nothing happens - the CD doesn't even spin.

I am considering buying an external CD-ROM/burning device: Where is the cheapest place to buy one and (silly question) does it link to my laptop via a USB cable?

Help would be VERY appreciated. :-)

  Diodorus Siculus 12:48 11 Jun 2006

Could be that the laser has failed :-(

You can get external USB2 drives eg

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  Antwon221 12:52 11 Jun 2006

do you have any bootable cds that you could try on startup. If the computer recognizes the drive it could be a problem with your software.

Have you installed any cd writing software recently or any software that has something to do with the cd-rom.

My old laptop had windows xp and no service packs and i installed nero 6 and it made my dvd/cd-rw drive dissapear.

I just reinstalled windows xp again from bootup with the bootable windows xp cd.

If you do not have your os cd you could try system restore.

  ninjabreakz 12:56 11 Jun 2006

Thanks for your quick reply :-)

I do not need a DVD function on an external drive though - I have four DVD players in my house, I don't need a fifth! :-)

All I need is an external USB drive that plays music/PC-related CD's and can burn MP3's.

Do these exist? Sorry people I am rubbish when it comes to computers!


  Diodorus Siculus 13:02 11 Jun 2006

click here

  ninjabreakz 13:12 11 Jun 2006

Thanks for the help guys. :-)

I am sure that the laser has packed in - I have been burning many audio CD's of late and my CD-ROM has been getting very hot.

Are the external drives easy to install?

  DrScott 13:16 11 Jun 2006

Aren't actually that difficult to open up if you're out of warranty (unfortunately, there's only usually a 1 year warranty) - considerably easier than Acer or Sony

You could try opening the case, having backed up all your data first, and seeing if you can get the CD drive to come out. Often they are modular too, so as to make changing the drive easy. You can then replace the broken CD drive for a new one. Externals are quite a hassle on laptops.

  ninjabreakz 13:38 11 Jun 2006

I am not opening my laptop up - I don't want any other problems! :-)

Are external drives really that much hassle?

  terryf 13:41 11 Jun 2006

If it is a usb drive and anything like as easy to install as aaaaaa usb hd, then it is simple, plug in the psu (if there is one) then plug into a usb socket.

  terryf 13:42 11 Jun 2006

sorry about the aaaa, should have been a

  woodchip 14:51 11 Jun 2006

Put a disc in the drive then reboot the Laptop. Keep your eye on the drive if the light starts flashing then it looks like the drive is working and the problem may be with windows OS

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