My keyboard left arrow wont stop

  YinHoNg 00:20 02 Feb 2007

I think my computer has been hacked into.

My computer was and has been running fine. But tonight, randomly my left arrow key seemed to be stuck. It was like it was being pressed down continually.

I checked my keyboard and made sure that the left arrow key was not stuck, and it isnt.

I tried closing all the apps i was using and still made no difference.

I then closed the internet - no difference.

I ran a scan for adware and spyware - nothing found.

Currently scanning virus- nothing found yet.

I closed the internet and still the left button was automatically being pressed down.

I have no idea what this is. Can someone help?

  lotvic 01:14 02 Feb 2007

I think the best thing to do is try another keyboard (borrow one?) and see if it still does it. You will then know for sure if it is the keyboard or 'something' on your pc.

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