My keyboard keys are working in reverse

  SamW98 16:19 14 Sep 2015

So i booted up my pc today and it appears that my Caps Lock key has been swapped to my CTRL button and my CTRL button has been swapped to my Caps Lock key.

Is there a way to fix this?

  SamW98 16:45 14 Sep 2015

please anyone ?

  SamW98 17:29 14 Sep 2015


  alanrwood 18:35 14 Sep 2015

Not an expert in this area but I suppose it is possible that somehow your keyboard keys have been inadvertently remapped. Have a search on Google for more info as it is something I have not had any experience in dealing with.

  SamW98 18:37 14 Sep 2015

i can't find anything on google that relates to the same problem as me, if anyone else can help i would be very thankful.

  alanrwood 09:44 15 Sep 2015

Try click here as a starter.

  bumpkin 10:48 15 Sep 2015

Is it set to UK English (assuming you want it to be)

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