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  cowgirl66 20:28 27 Jul 2006

This is a query for anyone whose knowledge of HTML can help me. I've made this website click here and some aspects of it are annoying me because I can't remedy the mistakes.

If, from the home page, you click on any of the recipes, and from the recipe page click on the 'burger' icon of any other recipe on the left hand side, you'll notice that the tables I used to make each page change in shape.

When I made each table for each page I used the same width settings and cell width settings etc, (dreamweaver) so why is the format for each page not constant and why do the heights of the bars sometimes change?

Help please!

Regards cowgirl66

  ade.h 21:45 27 Jul 2006

I noticed that about you site when I first saw it, but I didn't bother to look at the code to see whether you were using tables or not.

I don't know if DW allows this, but when I need to make a table that is the same as the one on another page, I just copy and paste it from one page to the other in layout view. That way, I only need to get it right once.

Generally, I would advise that you to be very conscientious with table settings - double check them all on a regular basis. I don't know much about how DW works, but my software gives all the parameters for evey cell, row and column. If DW applies any automatic settings, change them to their pixel values to fix each row and column. Don't make the table too complex; it can knock the formatting right out of left field if you're not careful.

  Forum Editor 00:09 28 Jul 2006

if you're going to make many pages with exactly the same layout.

Read this:-

click here

Make sure you check your navigation links by the way. Go to the Florida burgers page and try to click the Herby burger link. Also, go to one of the other burger pages and then click the Herby burger link - watch what happens to the '' in your top banner.

  cowgirl66 09:21 28 Jul 2006

Thank you both for your positive critisisms; I have corrected the '' for the Herby Burger banner and inserted the link to the H.burger page from the Florida burger page.

I have never used templates before but will get to grips with them, thank you.

Can I use a template if I need it for exactly the same layout for each recipe page BUT for the fact that on some you have to scroll down further to read all of it?

  harristweed 10:27 28 Jul 2006

I looked at your code and...No Doc Type? Dreamweaver pages have the correct code by default!

click here

  Eric10 11:07 28 Jul 2006

harristweed is correct in saying that the Doc Type is missing from most of your Burger pages. In addition to this, all of your pages except the Fish ones and the Home page are missing the <html></html>, the <head></head> and the </body> tags. The Home page also has a "meta description" tag within the body section which should be in the head section. All of this will make the layout of the site very unpredictable and needs to be corrected before other details can be addressed.

  cowgirl66 18:22 28 Jul 2006

I can't describe my embarrassment. Those recipe pages without the DOCTYPE at the top; all my fault. They never started life as a dreamweaver document but as a notepad htm file. I can't explain why or how I did this without mindnumbing you all, but that's basically the cause of 'no doctype' lol. I see now what I did and I have learnt from it.

As to the bars changing sizes, I still am trying to fathom this out. Better watch my bandwidth though, nerds like me use up a hell of a lot in their first month!

  cowgirl66 18:43 28 Jul 2006

The Meta description and keyword tags are in the head tags, but admittedly they are just before the closing head tag; just above the opening body tag.

Is this the wrong place?

  Eric10 19:54 28 Jul 2006

The meta tags in the head section are okay but on the home page there is one at the second line of the body section just before the table definition.

(<meta name="description" content="A choice of burger recipes you would like to try making at home for those barbecues...">)

  cowgirl66 09:12 29 Jul 2006

You're right Eric10; I just didn't spot that one, sorry.

I will edit this and remove it from the body section, thanks.

  ewebber 17:46 31 Jul 2006

hey cowgirl - here's a tip when you are using tables, make sure you align each cell - align top and left is standard, and you may find they don't jump around. Also try setting the cell heights and widths so they stay the same no matter what text is in them.

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