My ISP needs my overnight test log

  TOPCAT® 20:55 05 Apr 2007

This is already posted in the Networking forum with no responses at the moment. Hopefully someone here can explain exactly what I need to do.

How do I input a BT line testing address into my new Netgear DG834G router, please? My line download attenuation figure is high, at 49dbs and I'm having intermittent connection problems, so Pipex say they need my overnight log to pass over to BT.

The test address is: [email protected]_domain, which was simple with my old SpeedTouch 330 modem, but I've no idea how to do this on the router.

The router was set up by my local computer guy but he's now away until after Easter. Thanks for your help. TC.

  Dipso 21:34 05 Apr 2007

Log into the routers interface click here If you are prompted to login, the default username is admin and the password is password. Click on Basic settings on the left you should see a field marked Login. This should currently show your ISP's log in details. You need to enter the bt-test etc into that field, no password is required. Then click Apply.

I presume they then want you to copy details of the overnight logs which can be accessed via the link Logs on the left hand side of the interface.

Make sure you have your ISP's log in details safe for when you have to re-enter them.

  TOPCAT® 21:51 05 Apr 2007

As they say, it's easy when you know how! I'm on a learning curve with these routers and have just mastered lesson one! Pipex, incidentally, are able to copy my log at their end and will add this to their report to BT for further action. They need to get my attenuation dbs down some for a better download speed.

One other small point, Dipso, if you don't mind. I always shutdown my PC after use and power off completely. Doing so also shuts down my router as well because it's on the same supply. Can you say if this would do harm over time to the router or should I keep it on with a separate power supply? Thanks. TC.

  Dipso 21:58 05 Apr 2007

It won't do it any harm, if it suits you better to switch it off that's fine. I leave mine on but there are a few networked PC's in the house so there's always someone wanting to use the connection.

  TOPCAT® 22:10 05 Apr 2007

Thank you very much for your help, Dipso. Much appreciated. TC.

  TOPCAT® 23:25 05 Apr 2007

I've just thought of another question I need to ask, because once I've changed to the BT test address I understand I will not be able to browse any more web pages.

Once it is underway, can I then shutdown my PC and the test will be continued by the router itself, or do I need to keep the computer running overnight? Thanks once again. TC.

  Dipso 23:28 05 Apr 2007

As long as you keep the router powered up, you can shut down your PC.

  TOPCAT® 23:38 05 Apr 2007

That's great! It's positioned not far from my bed so the lost noise factor will help me and my dreams!! :o) Thanks again, my friend. TC.

  Daveboy 23:54 05 Apr 2007

"They need to get my attenuation dbs down some for a better download speed."
49 dB is not excessive, it roughly puts you 4 to 4.5 Km from your exch.
What speed service are you on ? And what speed would you like ?
49 dB exceeds the limit for a fixed 2 meg service (43 dB ), but falls easily in the 1 meg criterea (60 dB).
The Max product (up to 8 meg) has no constraints as the background systems will automatically establish the most reliable (stable) speed that it determines your particular line will support.
It may be that your line is not on the best "loss" cables from the exch but unless your SP is willing to pay for the time it takes to try and locate a potentially better cable, you are probably stuck with what you have.

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