My IP address, how do i find it.

  Fatbelly 19:19 04 Dec 2007

I need to find my IP address from my Virgin Cable Broadband.
How do I do this?
I run Win XP.

Many Thanks

  skidzy 19:21 04 Dec 2007
  mfletch 19:22 04 Dec 2007

Or here
click here


  octal 19:28 04 Dec 2007

Or even here

click here

  skidzy 19:31 04 Dec 2007

And another click here

And this one gives a bit more info click here

  Fatbelly 19:38 04 Dec 2007

Thanks guys...
Just one more question and then I will tick the resolved box, is my IP address constant or does it change each time I log on etc

  octal 19:44 04 Dec 2007

Normally most people have a dynamic address that changes every so often.

  skidzy 19:45 04 Dec 2007

Your IP address can be either static, meaning it never changes, or dynamic, meaning each time you dial-in or login you are assigned a new address for that session. Check with your internet service provider or network administrator to find out if your computer uses static or dynamic IP addressing.

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