My internet connection with BT internet dial up,

  mari27 21:37 26 May 2009

I only use my BT internet dial up connection for a couple of hours a night. I have been having problems for weeks now. Each time I phone BT they have different advise. They told I needed to install BT software for dial up connection. I did it, I still have the same problem. Then they said I needed new cable from computer to BT box, when cable enters the house. I bought it, still the same problem. When I first connect, the BT mobem lock changes from white to green, after it has disconnected the first time, and I try to reconnect, it stays red. So I have to disconnect and and unlock the modem and then lock it again, before connecting again, and it works. This sometimes happens three or four times, other times only happens once. Can you tell me what is happening. It wont let me load Chat, some times says Internet Explorer can't open this page. Then I know it is going to disconnect.
Regards Mari27.

  mgmcc 23:24 26 May 2009

I don't understand what you mean by "locking" and "unlocking" the modem.

If the PC has a "dialup" modem installed, you don't need to install any additional software to create a dialup connection. All you need are your account Username, Password and the ISP Phone Number. Run the network wizard and follow the prompts to create a new dialup connection.

Try creating a new new connection and see if that is more reliable.

  mari27 23:55 26 May 2009

If I don't click on the icon of padlock, and unlock it, then I can't open my e-mails, or load things, I don't understand it either. Just feel it is a BT line problem but they are not helping. I tried making another internet connection, and I am on that now, and it has actually let me send four e-mail. Before on the other one, it kept saying the message is still loading, but it would not load, no matter how long I waited. Maybe you could access BT yahoo help, and go to modem locks, then see what I am talking about. It took me three hours to do about five e-mails.


  Sea Urchin 10:14 27 May 2009

Here is a previous PCA thread about the BT Modem lock - with a contribution from mgmcc :@)

click here

And maybe a possible solution here?

click here

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