My HP Officejet Pro 8500A shrinks eveything when duplexing

  ernieernie 21:44 27 Sep 2011

My HP Officejet Pro 8500A increses the margin size and shrinks the text when duplexing making the facility useless. Is there a way out of this problem. I have searched all the menus and can find nothing. ernieernie

  BRYNIT 22:27 27 Sep 2011

I don't think HP have resolved this issue as people have had the same problem in 2010.

If you look through the HP Support forum Click here you will find others with the same problem, you never know some of the suggestions may help.

  compumac 17:37 28 Sep 2011

Just a suggestion - I have a HP Photosmafrt printer that when changing to duplex printing it changes the default A4 size to American size paper. Check that after selecting duplex. that A4 is still the paper size. Check again before prssing the PRINT button. I have had endless e-mails back and forwards with HP about this and they insisted that my printer was faulty and have replaced it several times.

  compumac 17:38 28 Sep 2011

Forgive typo's, I have had some new varifocals and they are taking some getting used to. (thats my excuse anyway)

  ernieernie 23:13 28 Sep 2011

Thanks for trying, folks. I have had the same success as everyone else. I think it is just too bad of HP to do this to us. Duplexing was one of the cheif reasons for my purchase - and to add insult to injury I have bought the top of the shop Officejet Pro 8500A. If they can't do it on that one then I think they are a failure. I can't afford to throw it away and buy another.

  compumac 19:59 29 Sep 2011

ernieernie Have you checked that A4 is till selected before printing?

  ernieernie 21:19 29 Sep 2011


Yes I have checked that it is still A4 and it didn't help. I also tried reducing the margins in both WORD and PUBLISHER. I found that if you reduce the right and lefthand margins to 3mm (I'm in Landscape mode) and tell the program to ignore the fact that you are outside the printable margins, then you can get the printer to duplex to a reasonable-looking margin although the print is squashed just the same. I reason therefore that it is not a problem with the duplexer but is a software issue and that HP have no excuse for not rectifying their carelessness. I'm mad!!!

  compumac 21:52 29 Sep 2011


Have you tried printing in portrait instead of landscape?

  Strawballs 22:39 29 Sep 2011

I have the HP Buisness inkjet 2800 and have never had any problems with duplexing.

  ernieernie 17:11 30 Sep 2011

compumac Printing in Portrait isn't too bad if you are just duplexing letters as the slightly squashed typeface doesn't look as bad as when it is narrowed in landscape mode. I am printing a guide-book with pictures and the distortion on the pictures is quite noticeable. Besides, the wide outer margins make me look incompetent. Manual duplexing is a fag and I am not getting what I have paid for. Strawballs Have you tried printing circles yet? Thanks to both of you for your help. What I really want is for Hewlett Packard to get its act together.

  compumac 09:44 01 Oct 2011

ernieernie I always print out my PDF manuals that also include pictures using Duplex printing without a problem, albeit mine is the HP Photosmart B209. I Print these on A4 paper but in A5 layout so that every sheet of paper displays two pages on each side. I select Booklet Layout, - Left Edge Booklet. I do not know if that helps at all, but I had endless calls and e-mails with HP on this subject and finally decided that they did not know aht they were talking about. I realised that whereas A4 was the default size that sometimes when going through the print menu procedures that the A4 size had changed to the American size. Since that time I have always checked that A4 is still selected before the final print. Do not know if the above does help at all.

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