My hotmail password changed....but not by me!

  Midsman2005 03:14 26 Sep 2005

Hello all,

Tried to log into hotmail tonight and after a few goes of entering my correct password I then needed to do the reset password thing...which thankfully worked....and I now have access again.

From what I can tell none of my emails have been read, none sent, nothing changed at all in fact.

Obviously somehow my hotmail password had got changed.

I find it highly unlikely that anybody could have guessed either my password or secret question.

So I was wondering if there was a virus or something that could have given someone access to my hotmail account by telling them my username and password?

Or is this possibly a weird hotmail server one off problem where it suddenly decided to stop accepting my password?


  AndySD 03:39 26 Sep 2005

It sounds like a Hotmail problem. Its Sunday night after all and the time a lot of companies work on their servers so as to not disrupt to many people.

  Midsman2005 10:55 26 Sep 2005

Yes thats what I thought.

Just seemed a bit odd how my password was suddenly not being accepted.


  ade.h 12:00 26 Sep 2005

Not a one off at all. I used to use Hotmail as a backup email account and the password often got changed or became corrupted somehow. I gave up in the end when I changed ISP and got better email facilities. It was £15 a year that could have been better spent.

  Midsman2005 00:47 27 Sep 2005

I have totally lost two Yahoo email addresses in the past due to this (a few years ago now)....going to log in and password not being accepted, or even my username not being recognised and not being able to log in and my account being 'locked' I believe was the phrase people used to use....and all this through nothing I had done at all.

All I knew was that there was no way to get into the email account.

I thought these problems were a thing of the past...but it would seem not.

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