is my HDD going to be dead soon ?

  jamie9000 22:30 07 Mar 2014

I am having some issues with my computer. Like sometimes when I play music it stuck for less than second and then plays again. Sometimes it takes a while to open chrome etc.

I have uploaded test pictures of my HDD using software HD TUNE.

click here could be a problem ?



  onthelimit1 09:42 08 Mar 2014

The tests seem to indicate that the drive is passing all tests. Have you checked for build up of dust on the CPU heatsink? Might be worth running Memtest as well.

  SparkyJack 11:37 08 Mar 2014

As stated the 'mechanical' aspect of the drive seems OK,, its content may not be.

That good old friend Cleaner running all the options may be all you need pay attention too to programs that may have been installed some run all the time even if not in use.

If you nont use it--Lose it

Frees up disc space 'lessens the possibiliy of clashes and crashes

  alanrwood 13:08 08 Mar 2014

I assume you meant Ccleaner not just Cleaner

  jamie9000 20:19 08 Mar 2014

I scanned my computer using Avast, but fortunately it didn't found any virus at all also I scanned my laptop using ccleaner ...

If you see benchmark the diagram goes down almost to the zero.. I assume is not that good ?

where about I can run Memtest ?

  rdave13 20:28 08 Mar 2014

If you even doubt your hard drive then run chkdsk, how to.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:09 08 Mar 2014

You should be aware that it is perfectly normal for an HDD benchmark graph to go up and down like a hyper-active teenager on a pogo-stick.

  rdave13 21:12 08 Mar 2014

Mr Mistoffelees, pogo-sticks still going then..? Teenagers still hyperactive even with today's technology?

  jamie9000 22:42 08 Mar 2014

I will try above post suggestion also I will try live cd.

To don't mention after I have installed windows 7 my computer started install updates from microsoft and during installation process I inadvertently closed my laptop screen so computer went on 'sleep' after I have turned my computer back the updates were gone.

  rdave13 22:47 08 Mar 2014

Re-install 7. I mention it.

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