Is my HDD dying?

  User-498DB432-30A7-4FC5-B65F3A4738DB7CB4 20:53 08 Feb 2003

Today I bought a new computer (AMD 1800XP).
Upon getting it home I tried to load the O.S but had problems re: not enough space to load windows.
I took the comp back to the shop & it appears it had been previously partitioned (the technician told me it had been a display model with Windows XP loaded but had been formatted prior to sale).
The partition was removed & I was told that I would have no problem loading windows.

I tried to load windows but I received a message re:unable to write to disk.
So I decided to format during which time I received messages "trying to recover allocation unit (followed by a number)".

When the format was complete I tried to load Windows once again but the HDD seems to just "shut down". Then the computer hangs.

I decided to format yet again in case there had been a problem with the first format & yet again I am getting the message "trying to recover allocation unit".

I get the impression that the HDD is faulty?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

  Tim1964 20:58 08 Feb 2003

If it was a TV you would take it straight back for a refund would't you? Reject it under the sales of goods act as "unfit for the purpose for which it was bought" It's not up to you to get it working, you want a PC that works. Don't except a replacement as you will not be able to get a refund (legally speaking)if the next one is faulty. If you buy another one (even the same model/same shop)a new contract starts.

  graham 21:01 08 Feb 2003

there's something wrong! Was it sold as brand new or reduced as display model? You will be eager to get it going, but as you have access to another comp (or you wouldn't be here) I would take it back to the shop. You shouldn't need to load Windows on a new comp.

  Tcan 21:06 08 Feb 2003

I would an fdisk,remove all partions etc then start over. what make is youe hard disk? some H/D manafacturers release formatting utilities that make it dead easy (such as maxtor)

It was bought as brand new but when I returned it so that the partitions could be removed i was informed that it was an ex display model.

  Tcan 21:17 08 Feb 2003

hipster,are u familiar with the fdisk option when booting from a w98 floppy? this in effevt puts the disk back into a raw state with no partitions (which include primary/secondary partions & logical drives).

I would say it is a fair assumption that if u cannot fdisk successfully it may be a about swapping it with your old disk just to ensure everything is working?

  spikeychris 21:27 08 Feb 2003

You really shouldn't have tried to format, it was a clear case of "take it back" however you might have invalidated any warranty. There might of been a non-DOS partition that was for reload etc.



I have used fdisk and it tells me i have no partitions.

  spikeychris 21:35 08 Feb 2003


When the querieing began, we were originally told to format the computer by the technician over the phone. When that didnt work we were told to bring it in and that is when the partitions were discovered.
We shall be taking the computer back on monday and demanding either a full refund or a replacement unit as Tim1964 said "It is not up to us to get it working" and as you have said, it is clearly a case of 'take it back' the computer has not been opened and we have a 1 year parts and labour garauntee and a further 2 years labour garauntee on it.

Obvioulsy we have been sold a second hand/display unit and not a 'new' unit as was our intention and belief


Thank you for the link, have just read and its pretty obvious now that the HDD is bad bad bad!! It is under warrenty so back it goes!


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