My HD is now 'E' it use to be 'D'

  Zebrapec 14:04 16 May 2005

Hi, I know this is no big deal, but i kind of got use to my first HD being 'C' my second HD 'D' and my CD/dvd being 'E' Now my Second HD is 'E'. Is there an easy way to designate the letters back around again to what they were? Please/
Win Xp system.

  BurrWalnut 14:07 16 May 2005

Right-click My Computer, Manage, Disk Managemet. Right click the drive(s) to be re-lettered.

  Zebrapec 14:23 16 May 2005


  Zebrapec 17:12 17 May 2005

Sorry about this BurrWalnut, but it will not let me change my 'E' drive to 'D', it will only let me change to a letter after E, that is FGHIJ etc.It also says that some programs might not work after changing the letter. anyone know what this is about? please

  Graham ® 17:19 17 May 2005

You will have to make the D drive something else temporarily, to make the letter available. Don't worry about 'some programs may not work' for now.

  sinbad1 17:28 17 May 2005

in disc management find out what D is assigned to
if its a cdrom or dvdrom then change to other suitable letter then D will become available for your second drive
click here;EN-US;q307844

  sinbad1 17:31 17 May 2005

click here;EN-US;q307844

sorry that link was no good

  Compuguy 17:48 17 May 2005

If you have the original CD and can boot from it then you can reset your drive numbers. It is a simple task BUT it means re-formatting your HD and re-installing everything, unless you have backed up to an external HD. Insert CD: shut down and re-start. Message: Press any key to boot from CD - do this ONLY first time this message appears. Follow on-screen prompts and delete all drive sections. Follow on-screen prompts to the end and your drive letters will be re-set after re-start.

  Graham ® 17:59 17 May 2005

click here

Hover over 'click here' to see the magic formula, then save for future use.

  Zebrapec 18:21 17 May 2005

Thanks again

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