My hardrive is smaller than my ipod

  bo19991 19:00 14 Feb 2004

Hi All
My problem is this,My laptop computer is only 6gig and i have a 40gig ipod so i can only have enough space for about 4gig of songs which i have in my libary in musicmatch if i delete songs from musicmatch and add new songs it puts the new songs on to my ipod but deletes the ones that i deleted from musicmatch does anybody know a way round this other than buying a bigger harddrive

Many thanks


  woodchip 19:05 14 Feb 2004

If you have USB and at least Win98se, you can get a external drive that plugs into USB

  bo19991 19:27 14 Feb 2004

Hi woodchip
Could you be a bit more spacific as i am a novice when it comes to this sort of thing.
cheers Bo

  woodchip 19:37 14 Feb 2004

Are you running Win98se you can find out by right click my computer click properties. also USB port is about half inch wide and one eighth inch high it will be at the side or back of your computer, the port may have different orientation it may be on edge

  bo19991 19:56 14 Feb 2004

Ok, and do you mean buy an external harddrive?
i was wondering if there was a way of doing this without buying another harddrive.


  woodchip 20:10 14 Feb 2004

Not that I know of other than buying a replacement large drive to fit your comp, Very Expensive

  bo19991 20:21 14 Feb 2004

ok wooodchip thanks for all your help :-)

  ton 20:30 14 Feb 2004

I don't have an Ipod, but surely there is a way to 'protect' the songs that are already there. I can't imagine that you are restricted to only having a copy of your hard drive.
This will put you back at the top and maybe another Ipod user will help.

  Pauper 20:34 14 Feb 2004

Take a look here to see if there is a solution click here a rough guess would be to drag and drop a playlist rather than synchronize (if that's what you are doing, can't try it myself as I don't posses an ipod :-(

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