is my hardrive knackered?

  skell 19:28 29 Sep 2006

a little while back i had a problem booting up my pc after a power cut. since then i have reformatted the hardrive and reinstalled windows and everything worked ok up until now.

whats happening now is that my pc will shut down by its self then boot up again but comes up with an error message before loading windows. says 'disk failure please insert disk and try again.' i looked in the bios and the hardrive was not detected so auto detected the drive and rebooted. system loaded to window but before i could try looking for any possible causes the system shutdown and started boot but only to the error message again.

is the hardrive faulty. it has been making some very loud noices lately.


  sean-278262 19:29 29 Sep 2006

Maybe however it could also be the motherboard. You should see if you can borrow someones PC to insert the disk and see if it will work.

  skell 19:38 29 Sep 2006

i do have another pc at home here but not sure if it is capable of taking upto 120gb hdd. however, i have just installed a spare hdd into the faulty machine so will see how it performs. if it is the motherboard i guess the fault will reapear but if not i guess its the hardrive. but still, i might try and test the suspect drive in the other pc.

  woodchip 20:08 29 Sep 2006

Looks like there may be a bad sector in the boot sector of the drive try Check disc to see if it finds anything

  skell 20:19 29 Sep 2006

<<<Looks like there may be a bad sector in the boot sector of the drive try Check disc to see if it finds anything>>>

funny you should say that, woodchip. originally when i had the first problem with it i done a chdsk and it did find some bad sectors. could it be that after the format and using the pc its reached a bad sector causing it to crash? can the bad sectors be repaired or is it terminal?


  woodchip 20:28 29 Sep 2006

if it's in the boot sector, you cannot do anything with it as that first bit of the drive acts like a Index in a Library. So if you lose that you cannot find the books. Any where on the drive and Check disc will mark them out so when you load windows it does not try writing to that part of the drive. But it do's not apply to the boot sector. First run the check, you can also get a disc checker from you drive manufacturer. If not Seatools can do a generic check of the drive

  skell 00:55 30 Sep 2006

thx woodchip i might do that. but at the moment i have fitted another drive which seems to be working ok. final last words damn thing will probably crash now huh :)anyways, ill see how this spare drive goes then when i get time ill test the old one using the utility you have suggested.

thx again m8.

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