is my hard drive wrecked?

  GuZ' 18:52 21 Jan 2007

Everytime I use Diskeeper, it says Warning, health of hard drive is degraded. This is even after I've defragged!

This has got me thinking that my hard drive is on its last legs and that it could also explain why my computer freezes when under heavy load, such as playing games?

Could any advise?


  GuZ' 18:54 21 Jan 2007

Just to add Diskeeper also says;

The MFT usage was currently 97%of the total MFT size, which indicates it is likely the MFT will become fragmented.

  skidzy 18:55 21 Jan 2007

I would goto your hdd manufactors website and download the diagnostic drive tools.Run these and let us know how you get on.

If you have a failing drive,time to make sure all the important data is backed up.

  woodchip 19:22 21 Jan 2007

Double click my computer right click on C:\ Properties go to Tools and Click check disc Do a full scan

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