My Hard Drive NOT ACCESSIBLE please advise!

  paulgeaf 15:48 01 May 2005

DaeWoo Celeron 400, 256Ram.
Windows 98 S.E
I have a strange problem with my HD. It is a MAxtor DiamondPlus8 40G. My PC took a slight 'knock' the other day as the tower is on the floor and I accidently bumped it. Nothing too hard but it hit it nonetheless and the screen went 'bluescreen' saying 'Cannot read from Drive E:' I pressed any key and it went back to normal and carried on apparently unharmed. I took the precaution of retrieving 'My docs' and 'Favorites' folder which I store on there, before rebooting into a now, wrecked(?!) PC.
The E: Drive is now, still appearing in Explorer as is also a 'new' Drive named G:
There never was a G: Drive and If I inspect the drives with some programs they tell me that G and E are what appears to be the same 40g drive! As there is only ONE 40g drive then I can only assume that somehow windows thinks there are two of them!!
When I try to access either E: or G: I get a windows alert with the following message:
'E:\ is not accessible. A device attached to the system is not functioning' 'RETRY or CANCEL'.
This is non negotiable! I cannot seem to get anything else from the E: or G: drive in explorer!
If I use FDISK in DOS it tells me that the E: Drive is indeed there and partitioned and apparently all is fine!
If I use partition magic it tells me that all is fine too. The only other problem is that If I try to use partition magics OR windows own, scandisk for errors I get the following:
'Scandisk cannot check this drive now because the disk is not properly formatted, ora program such as a disk utility has locked it. Format the disk or wait for the utility to finish, and then restart Scandisk.'
Hmm. I find there is no way around this one either. scandisk for DOS will not run on E:.
I then go into devicemanager and on the surface everything looks normal. no hazard symbols or failed warnings. the HDs and controllers all say this is functioning normally. Then I look at the System/properties/ Performance TAB and I see this:
'Drive E is using MS-DOS compatibility mode File System'
Click here for details.
when I click it just brings me a WinHelp dialogue explaining very limited info about this.

So, my problem practically speaking is this:
If I use various utilities I can SEE the files and folder structure on my FULL(!) 40g HD called E:Yet, I cannot get to these files. I can save them one by one with PCfile inspector program but it is very slow and also crashes a lot. Plus I saved some MP3s and they were corrupted with half of one song and bits of another in the one MP3!
If I have lost the music files then I can live with that but I have a lot of digitial photos and documents on there.
Is there any way I can somehow fix this?
Can I do anything with the MBR that could somehow get this drive to be accessible, not only through a utility?
Is it broken forever..?
Please please help!
Just out of interest, this mademe hopeful: When I run a prgram on the drive it 'found' the folders/files in less than a second almost as if it was just accessing it directly. why can't I translate that into a way for me to somehow reset it myself?
(I know I might be talking rubbish but I am desperate here!)
Thanks for any help in advance!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:53 01 May 2005

Switch off remove power cable and side cover

Check for a loose ribbon cable in the rear of the drive and at the motherboard slot.

Replace a HDD (fitting only)
click here

  woodchip 16:02 01 May 2005

Start Computer With Win98se Setup Floppy disc at A:\> type SCANDISK C: press enter or Just TYPE SCANDISK and press enter It's you C: drive you have to check. A thorough one. then try booting to Safe Mode by keep pressing F5 when comp is starting

  keith-236785 16:25 01 May 2005

use a live linux distro such as Knoppix to copy and paste the files form the damaged drive to the undamaged drive, simple copy & paste as in windows.

note the drives will be something like HD3 or HD4, not D: or E: check the files on the drives and decide which is which drive.

  paulgeaf 08:40 03 May 2005

Hmm I hadn't thought of knoppix. thanks for the suggestions.
As I already said, scandisk will not work on this drive in DOS or any other way :(
I have managed to access the folders and files through 'GetDataBack for FAT' program but while it means I can now save important files it doesn't mean the drive is fixed and I dont have any storage space big enough to copy all the files from it. Plus I just discovered that files like MP3,OGG and Videofiles seem to be corrupted and garbled. they seem to run into each other. One song will have about ten songs all mixed into it!
Oh well.
Thanks again. any more ideas? Keep em coming!

  woodchip 09:54 03 May 2005

The Hard Drive must have being setup with Drive Overlay software, from the Manufacturer. This is one of the Reasons that I do not recommend using it, use only as a last resort. So as to use all the Drive and overcome BIOS limitations. You need to use the software again to remove it as any other software as FDISK etc may make the drive unusable. As it's a Maxtor look for Maxblast software

  Chegs ® 10:38 03 May 2005

If you have PM,I seem to recall it carries an partition rescuer type of app.Can this not be used to restore the drive to as before?

  martjc 13:34 03 May 2005

The thing that alerted me was when you said drive worked in compatibility mode. Some boot sector viruses cause this to happen. Failing that, I agree with woodchip's analysis, dynamic drive overlay can be a BIG problem if it goes wrong. Maxblast should sort you out!

  paulgeaf 00:02 06 May 2005

I DO have maxblast, the EZBIOS drive overlay from Maxtor, on this drive as I put it on there myself!
so are you saying you know of this tyope of thing happening before and also that I should try to use Maxblast to fix it..?
I will try that tomorrow and let you know what the software tells me.
Thanks, you are a great help :)

  woodchip 00:10 06 May 2005

If the Drive will work without Maxblast then Use the software to Remove it. Then you can set the drive up so Scandisk and all other Utilities will work on the Drive as they Should. If it will not see all the Drive then you will have to try something else like update BIOS etc. Failing that you would have to revert back to putting Maxblast back on the drive

  paulgeaf 03:01 07 May 2005

I was all set to remove the overla with Maxblast then I realised that if i did, i would not even get my bios to work with the dirve (whcih is the reason i put ezbios overlay on there in the first place!) so nothing would work at all in that scenario. so, I didn't remove the overlay. It would be fine if i had another PC with a better bios then i could just use the drive without the overlay but if i try that on my Pc it always gives me 'invalid system disk or similar, indicating that the drive is not readable.
not sure what to do now..
I will check out PMagics partition rescue utils, I recall something about that too.
I am stuck with the dirve overlay if i even want the bios to let me work with this drive at all which is a bit of a catch 22.

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