Is my hard drive on it's way out?

  User-6355CE8D-1E97-4543-833893AA7598EA5F 09:48 12 May 2007

Anything I do now seems to take an age - I have tried to run Diskeeper Lite twice,it gets to 12% then stops,on the first attempt the pc froze and when it started up again it ran a CHKDSK which showed ok - if it is the hard drive going can I transfer everything on it to a portable hard drive?

  ICF 09:52 12 May 2007

What make of drive is it?
Every manufacture has a utility to check their drives

  chub_tor 09:59 12 May 2007

It's unlikely to be the hard drive going,although it is a possibility. Can you roll back to a System Restore point before the slowdown ocurred? If not you should try first to give you system a good spring clean with CCleaner click here AdAware click here and RegScrub click here and a virus checker click here Later there may be a few other utilities to try. But run through these first and you should get more reliable operation.

You can always back up your data to a portable drive - in fact you should be backing it up regularly. To transfer everything to a portable drive you will need a utility such as Norton Ghost.

It's a Maxtor drive,tried to run Belarc Advisor but it only got as far as 96% then stopped..I have used CCleaner just last week,have AVG and Spybot installed..

  Fingees 10:18 12 May 2007

Have you de fragged your drive?

Just a thought.

It stops at 12%.

  ICF 10:39 12 May 2007

Download Sea Tools for windows and check your drive click here

  wee eddie 12:29 12 May 2007

How full is the HDD.

you need about 20% free space to successfully run a Defrag.

Have tried nearly everything without any change,I have also been looking at another thread "Everything has slowed down" tried a few things on there also,still no joy...Anyone any ideas on why Diskeeper Lite stops at 12% (22%free space) and CPU running at 100%?

  woodchip 23:03 12 May 2007

Does the computer still work when it stops? or does it freeze

The computer still works ok.

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