My Hard Drive is almost full

  Micky 494 20:17 25 Apr 2006

My current hard drive is only 17Gb and is almost full. I am considering adding an additional drive of around 300Gb. My PC is six years old, however, the Motherboard, CPU, Graphics Card and RAM were all upgraded in 2004. Current spec is AMD Athlon XP 2600, 512Mb RAM 128 Mb Graphics Card running with Windows XP OS. I want to retain my original hard drive for the OS and transfer all other files to the new drive. Will the installation of such a large HD be straight forward and will its full capacity be recognised?

  Devil Fish 20:47 25 Apr 2006

i cant see any reason why it wouldnt be recognised except may be the bios

  mentalguy66 20:47 25 Apr 2006

to be honest with you, i would be better off keeping system files on your 17gb drive, and buying an EXTERNAL drive. it saves you the bother of buying a new drive and opening up the PC to fit it. try to get one with the USB 2.0 interface, as it is the best for transfers. if you go ahead, transferring from the old drive to new, is simply a matter of dragging and dropping.

  Micky 494 20:57 25 Apr 2006

Thanks Devil Fish and mentalguy66 for your response. I had considered an external drive but thought about the extra clutter and I don't have a problem with opening up my PC, after all I surprised myself when I successfully upgraded my system a couple of years ago. One thing I forgot to mention in my original question - I have a new e mail address and so need to update my details in PC Advisor so apologies if you don't receive an e mail reply.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:45 25 Apr 2006

Take heed of mentalguy66. It will save you loads of hassle and you can put the HD away from the computer for safety. Having both drives in a computer is tantamount to insanity IMHO.


  terryf 22:56 25 Apr 2006

I would suggest a 2nd hard drive, keep only os and progs on your c drive, use d drive to keep all data, docs, pics, downloads, etc. Backup a clean installation of os and progs to an acronis image on d drive. Make your page files fixed sizes on c 2 - 2 and on d 2048 - 2048. When you can afford it, get ext usb hd and backup to there with acronis. I use EA8 to backup all emails, OE accounts, browser settings, favourites, bookmarks, desktop and lots of other things. You can try before buy, just google EA8 email.

  Graham ® 08:17 26 Apr 2006

To update your details, click on your name, top left.

  fleamailman 09:45 26 Apr 2006

Again, I would go for the external harddrive, because the more you front-end your comp with data the bigger the bain it is when the malware enters, and since none of the AVs are 100% your choice from that moment on is somehow to store your data somewhere in order to reformat reinstall, or worse, you will have to stick up a hjt log at a malware forum where it can easial take a week, whereas if that data was on an external harddrive, reinstalling the os is a sinch, besides if you only have one big harddrive what happens when that dies on you, you have lost everything period.

Ok, it sound crazy, at home I have no AV, 6gb and a rooter, showing about 10processes in the taskmgr,
and I have 3external harddrives 80gb,40gb,4gb. Malware has nowhere to hide on my comp and I can save/reformat/reinstall/load fast than the time it takes to do some malware scans. But imagine my ever trying to convince people that their comp shouldn't be their storage space, that their comp should only be their access point, that their external harddrive should be thought as their comp then, no they ignore that and go on right back to to filling their comps don't they.

  Micky 494 17:13 26 Apr 2006

Thanks guys for the advice. I must admit my original intentions were to install an internal drive but there are some good points to consider regarding the external option. I'll have to get some price comparisons now (internal vs external).
Cheers Graham for your response on updating my details, I'll get on to that later. Once again, thanks to all who responded, it's much appreciated. I knew I could rely on the forum members for some straight forward advice and opinions.

  Smiler 17:30 26 Apr 2006


I've just fitted another internal sata hard drive 300GB to with the other four already in the tower (160GB sata HDD partitioned so the op system has 30 GB to itself, also two 80GB & one 40GB IDE HDDrives)
I have a router with a hardware firewall and I run Zone Alarm & AVG free plus Adaware SE and Spybot Search & Destroy.
I surf quite a few hours a day and do some downloading but I can say that as yet I have not had any malware etc enter. It's your e-mails that are the biggest threat.

So as long as you take precautions there's no reason to go to the extra expense of buying an external drive use the money to buy a larger hard drive I say.

  Micky 494 20:44 26 Apr 2006

Thanks Smiler for your advice, much appreciated. As I said earlier I think I just need to weigh up all the pros and cons of internal vs external now.

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