my graphics card is naffed can I change it

  lauren59 01:08 02 Apr 2009

have an acer aspire 9802 and it all started with the screen flashing on and off constantly, now the problem has got worse and I have got dark lines on my windows logo and when this appens it will not load up properly. it is either a geforce go 7300 or 7600 I am not sure which. I do know that the chip screws onto the mother board via a daughter board. ANy help given will be greatly apreciated.

  Taff™ 07:18 02 Apr 2009

I assume this is a laptop and it appears to be only a couple of years old. You need to tell us a little more about the problem - Is it on Vista or XP?

Working with a laptop is pretty difficult and probably not worth the expense. This problem may be a graphics driver issue or a system software problem. Tell us more about the boot failure - any error messages?

  lauren59 07:26 02 Apr 2009

It is running Windows XP Media edition and has service pack 3 on it.
There is no problm with booting up and if the hardware accelerater is turned up to full then the screen starts to flash on and off quite rapidly, although the laptop still functions perfectly.
If I turn the hardware accelerater down the screen is quite slow to respond i.e it goes black for a second or so then shows the updated image.
I have reinstalled the graphics drivers but to no availe. I have even spoke to acer and they helped me NOT, by saying they are not sure which card is in or even if it is an on board graphics card, but they did tell me they don't have anything in stock to fix it with.
I have not been able to find a geforce go 7600 or even a 7300 to try and replace it with.

  lauren59 07:27 02 Apr 2009

thanks taff by the way for responding

  jack 08:15 02 Apr 2009

than the presumed graphics hardware.
Other causes of the problem maybe

The ribbon connector between screen and motherboard.
Inverter failing.
These two are fixable.- for a price

However if it is the graphics hardware then this is integral to the motherboard[ ie the whole guts of the machine] in which case a repair/replacement is not an economic proposition.
So having tried and failed to rectify DIY routes
A repair shop for a quote is the next option[ACER do have facilities in the UK- have you contacted them?]
Do take all your STUFF off the machine[ burn it to CD/DVD] before sending it any where.

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