Is my graphics card kapooot ?

  grabster 21:01 18 May 2006

Hi, over the last 2 days my system has been refusing to boot with the " page fault in non paged area " followed by a bsod.
if i uninstall the nvidia drivers and use the standard windows vga drivers things are ok but very slow and choppy but when i install the correct nvidia drivers my system has glitches on the boot screen and then the bsod as mentioned previously.
when i uninstall the nvidia drivers i use driver clean to ensure all traces are gone before rebooting and installing drivers.
The glitches first started to show when playing various games.
my graphics card is is a geforce fx 5700.
Any ideas ???

  Oogle 21:16 18 May 2006

are those the latest drivers for that card?

  grabster 21:23 18 May 2006

It doesnt seem to matter which drivers i use as i have been useing 84.21 for some months now without probs.

  grabster 06:15 19 May 2006

Now my screen corrupts during the driver install routine and the glitches are more severe.


  grabster 18:31 19 May 2006


  citadel 19:48 19 May 2006

I would get a new card anyway as fx cards are poor with new games.

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