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  McGill01 03:21 26 Nov 2005

Help Pls

I bought a new pc 3 months ago. I am a complete pc virgin so i basicly dont have a clue, I bought a couple of games for it and when i try and play these it says that their is a problem with my direct3D and that i have to fix my specs to allow for 1.3m pixels(which i dont know how to do) which means nothing to me except that i have waisted £50 on new pc games for nothing, i let my mate have a look at my specs and he told me i have a 64mb graphics card?(which again means nothing to me)i paid £800 for this pc thinking i wouldnt have to pay anything else, obviously i was wrong any ideas on how i can fx this or do i have to get a new graphics card? if so any ideas on what one i should buy?


  Skyver 03:25 26 Nov 2005

Which game brings up your `1.3m` pixels message? It may be as simple as changing your screen resolution.
Problems with Direct3d either require the latest version of DirectX (easy to check which version you have) or it's possible that your graphics card doesn't support some of the latest requirements - you wouldn't be alone in that.

  McGill01 03:28 26 Nov 2005

Earth 2160 tells me about the 1.3m pixels and rollercoaster tycoon 3 gold tels me that my direcr 3d is working and then says something about a bug?
thanx for you reply and sorry for my compltete ignorance on pc's


  Skyver 03:38 26 Nov 2005

OK, first thing - is your DirectX version up to date - it's what gives Windows direct access to your graphics hardware - go to StartMenu/Run, type `dxdiag` in the space (no quotes), and press return.
A window name DirectX Diagnostic Tool will appear after a little while, look at the very last entry - DirectX Version - it should say v9.0c

Secondly is this the message you see ? "At game start, the following error message appears - "An error has occurred during initialization of Direct3D. This can be caused by your graphics card configuration or driver. Try to start the program in Safe Mode (- safe mode execution parameter).""

No problem, everyone has to start somewhere, you'll find people here very willing to help out.

  McGill01 03:41 26 Nov 2005

its says DirectX 9.0c and earth 2160 gives me an option to run in safemode in the all programs menu? is this the same thing as (- safe mode execution parameter).""

Thanx again buddy

  Skyver 03:44 26 Nov 2005

OK, DirectX is up to date, but it seems like bad news - click here - look for the error message amongst the questions and answers - if that is the exact same one, then unfortunately your graphics hardware is missing some features that the game requires (pixel shaders). If your PC came with `built-in` graphics , ie not on a separate card they're usually not designed for the latest games.

  McGill01 03:48 26 Nov 2005

thanx for help buddy, any tips on what kind of card to buy for these games to work? and do i need to buy a specific card to work on my pc?


Do you have the PC details or where you bought it from?

It would be useful to know the computer's hardware specs - particularly more about the graphics card. The place or site you bought the PC from should have these and you can link it by typing the web address to the product in the following format:

http:// and then the www. bit (sorry if this is more info than you need).

Skyver is right - it's a good idea to check DirectX is okay (did you run the diagnostic tests for direct3D etc?). And also, if we know the make of you graphics card, we could instruct you in updating its driver software so this is another avenue to explore.

Essentially, right click the desktop (select 'Properties' from the drop down menu/then - click the 'Settings' tab, then 'Advanced' and lastly 'Adapter' and it should say whether it is Nvidia or ATI, say Nvidia Geforce (FX5200 for example) or ATI Radeon (9600XT or whatnot).

  Skyver 03:52 26 Nov 2005

Anything released in the past year will support pixel shaders - NVidia 6600 or 6600GT or ATI X800 are decent mid-range cards (I'm not so familiar with the ATI stuff, you may need to do a bit of research, lots to read click here ).
You need to find out what type of card your computer supports - most likely AGP or with any luck the newer
PCI-E - this program click here
will give you a complete inventory of your PC and what graphics port it has.

  McGill01 03:56 26 Nov 2005

thank you, my card is a SiS compatible VGA

Thank you


  Skyver 03:59 26 Nov 2005

We need a bit more information than that - give Everest a go and it should reveal more.

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