my graphic card does not work properly ???

  Jaro 12:55 26 Sep 2005

hi i hope u can help me with this prob.:

i had ati redeon 9250 SE for a year so i decidet to buy another card. i bought xfx geforce 5500, 250MB but after install it just doesnt work as i thought i would. i thought that GF will be better that the one i had. i dont know, maybe it just need clean install or the GF i have bought is worst than the ati i had. can you plese tell me whith one of them is better and if its the xfx gf i bought why it doesnt work properly and waht should i do to make it work ok??? thanks for all your help.

my Pc: AMD athlon 64 3000+2000MHz,521 MB RAM,mobo MSI MS-6741,HD 200GB,win XP pro.

  Thalmus 12:59 26 Sep 2005

Have you installed the latest drivers for yuor geforce card?

click here

  gudgulf 13:03 26 Sep 2005

What improvements were you hoping to see with the new card? other words for what reason did you want to upgrade?

  Jaro 13:15 26 Sep 2005

yes i have istalled latest drivers

and i wanted to upgrde cos i had a prob with video editing and playing half life 2 CS sorce. i tought it would play better with this new card???

  Jaro 13:16 26 Sep 2005

can you tell witch one of these two cards is definitely better ???

  Thalmus 13:22 26 Sep 2005

The geforce card is better albeit slightly. You should some kind of performance improved although not much

  Jaro 13:30 26 Sep 2005

i really dont know what to do now. cos i still have the old card but i would like to make the new one work properly. it was working fine after instal but than it just started slowing down and now i cant play cs source at all. maybe overclocking would help.should i try to reinstall the drivers? is there any prog that will help me remove old drivers completly ? what about new mobo drivers?

  Jaro 13:32 26 Sep 2005

i will have to go back to work now but i will be back after five. i will wait for yor advice before i do anything. thank you for now

  gudgulf 13:56 26 Sep 2005

Ok....the geforce 5500 IS a faster card than the ATI 9250se.

The trouble is neither are really up to modern games.You should notice a difference though.A 5500 should manage most games noticabley better than a 9250se.

Have a look at click here for a thorough review of the gfx5500 card.

You will need to keep your settings at medium levels and steer clear of antialiasing/anisotrophic filtration in games,but you shouldn't be having too much of a problem with video editing.

I wonder,do you have a lot of background programs running? I suspect your pc could do with a bit of tweaking.If you open Task Manager by right clicking on the task bar and select the processes many running processes do you see?
Also go to Start>All Programs>accessories>System Tools>System Information and scroll down to the bottom of the box that opens.You need to note the values for available physical memory,total virtual memory and available virtual memory.

Post the results back on here.

  dagwoood 13:56 26 Sep 2005

Jaro, download Driver Cleaner Pro from here click here

First, uninstall your Nvidia drivers via Add/Remove. Then boot into safe mode and use Driver Cleaner to clean both "ATI" and "nVidia" from the drop down menu. When that's done, still in safe mode, install the Nvidia graphics driver and than boot into windows as normal and see if it's any better.

Also, have you set your image quality/anti-aliasing/anisotropic filtering settings too high? Try setting them to "Application Controlled" in the Nvidia control panel and adjust the graphics quality settings from within HL2.

HTH, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 14:00 26 Sep 2005

I meant to add you would notice an improvement if you you had another 512MB of RAM. When I played HL2, I noticed that it used nearly 1GB of memory when I played it.

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