My Gold Card 3 mysteries

  Hayrick 08:46 07 Feb 2007

My Gold Card statement has 3 transactions the same as this one.
RMT*IF 1-866-747-0986 866-747-0986 DO.
They are for 1 USD, 8.95 USD and 9.95 USD
Googling Doesn’t produce the source.
A visit to my bank said that the source was Computer Network Services. Googling produces hundreds of possible places with quite a lot of them American. I have looked at quite a few but none seem relevant.
Can anyone help and explain where they came from or for that matter how I managed unknowingly to get involved.

  €dstowe 08:55 07 Feb 2007

This is a scam. Get your card provider to stop these payments - they should already be aware of the type of thing this is.

What happens is that your account is relieved on a regular basis of a small amount of money - small enough for a lot of people not to notice. For the scammer, though, multiply this small amount by 100 or 1,000 but more likely 10,000 or 100,000 then the amount of money extracted is significant.

There is another similar scam in which small amounts are abstracted and then, finally, a very large amount. This is less popular, apparently, as the goose laying the golden egg (you) is then lost after the large amount is taken.

  €dstowe 08:58 07 Feb 2007

I should have added that the scam works because a large proportion of card holders never check the details of their statements and even people who do give a cursory glance, these small amounts are easily missed if the bill is long or complex.

  Hayrick 09:24 07 Feb 2007

Thanks this i did suspect I'll visit my bank this AM

  keef66 10:31 07 Feb 2007

"CNS Membership fraud - My credit card is charged for $14.95 since May. On my statement I see (mo2*cnsmembership - 888-840-6299) and when I called at above number they cannot even explain what the service is about and refuse to refund the money."

  Spark6 15:31 07 Feb 2007

Any idea how the scammers obtain the card details? Who knows, you may be able to throw light on how Hayrick managed to get unknowingly involved!

I have recently had card details used fraudulently and the card had been used only on-line and had never left my posession or been handled by anyone else.

  keef66 15:50 07 Feb 2007

Happened to me twice, so I'm on my 3rd Barclaycard in a year. First time I was having my gallbladder removed, and came out of hospital to find I'd been online gambling to the tune of $500. Second time I was in bed on boxing day when I took a call from Barclaycard fraud prevention asking if I was trying to place six online orders with Argos. Emerged I'd also been buying accessories for an Ipod I don't have, and unknown to my wife, a bit of online dating too.

  the pie eater 16:54 07 Feb 2007

it is very easy to get card details i work in a call centre and if i was a crooke or other i could get anyones card stuff and sell them on, think about how many times have you rang call centers? ie any mobile phone company they take YOUR card details then sell them on please be aware very aware of this, Your date of birth YOUR mothers madien name and the best of all the public give out is the 3diget number on the back of there card take care of your cards

  €dstowe 22:16 07 Feb 2007

I don't know how the scammers get your card numbers but I suspect that the pie eater is on the right lines.

I found out about this type of scam the other week from my bank manager - click here

  Spark6 23:39 07 Feb 2007

The scams highlighted in your 'click here' do not apply to the problem I experienced.

The pie eater's theory is, quite frankly, frightening for all on-line and telephone customers.

Personally I'm of the opinion that the banks and financial institutions are not looking after our interests to the best of their abilities. After all, when a scammer scores, who picks up the tab in the long run? We, the customer, after all.

One question I have posed with my bank and the local police concerns on-line or telephone gambling. What accounts are the returns, if any, credited to by the casinos and bookmakers? No one has yet come up with a credible answer and I find it hard to believe that the lowlife concerned are doing it for fun. Nice to think that the innocent cardholder would suddenly find that his account had mysteriously been credited with ill-gotten gains!

As things stand, I have yet to use my replacement credit card and my debit card is used for cash withdrawals only. After carefully inspecting the cashpoint that is.

  Hayrick 00:10 08 Feb 2007

I had closed this thread but I find that there are others on this forum who have had problems and if not exactly the same as mine are very worrying. Three different cards this is incredible. My bank today said they would be investigating the problem but it seems to me that the only real solution is to cancel the card request a new one with a new number. Having banked with HSBC in its various forms for 60 years I await a phone call to I hope solve the problem.

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