Is my Free Edition AVG Anti Virus 7.o working!!

  techhelp 20:41 25 Mar 2005

I have a copy of AVG Anti Virus 7.0 on my XP desktop. In doing a virus scan I got virus detected message come up in an AVG resident shield dialog box. I was given 5 options to reply OK to before it will contine the scan:
Continue - Info - Heal - Delete File - Move to Vault. Only continue works however the other 4 returns "Requested action is not available for this project".

My question, is the AVG set up properly? am I protected? Is this how the free AVG works i.e. limited options? by replying continue has it accepted the virus? Any advise please.

  jimv7 21:29 25 Mar 2005

If win me or win xp, turn off system restore before running avg.

Remember this will delete all restore points and you will have to turn restore back on after the scan has finished.

  sattman 22:09 25 Mar 2005

Have you set AVG up?

click here;action=display;threadid=44

  techhelp 09:54 26 Mar 2005

sattman ... I have fallen at the first try. Clicking on the AVG icon brings up the Control Centre with:


Which of the above options will get me to the 'Switch to Advanced' button and to 'Test Manager'. Have I got the wrong version, does this software need to be reinstalled with other options? Many thanks.

  rawprawn 10:21 26 Mar 2005

Try this. Open AVG Control Centre, click View/Components. They should all be lsted with a tick. Then Click Service/Program Settings and set it as you want.

  rawprawn 10:33 26 Mar 2005

I think you may have got confused using sattman's link, the first one you see is for AVG Pro, scroll down a bit to AVG Free version.

  techhelp 10:44 26 Mar 2005

rawprawn ... From the Control Centre clicking View gives - Reduced & Standard modes, Components and Refresh, Clicking components gave a list - AVG Resident Shield, Email scanner, Internal Virus Database, Scheduler, Shell extension, Update manager and Virus vault - and all were ticked. Service gave me - Program Settings, Rescue disk and Check for updates. Under Program Settings the options are - Program or keyboard. The only things I can change for either option are -
Maintenance of Test results and/or Test results displayed in menu.
Will changing either of the above correct the problem? Thanks.

  rawprawn 11:08 26 Mar 2005

No I don't think changing those will cure the problem. I was trying to figure out if it was correctly set up.When you press continue does it show any problem at the end of the scan? What I suggest is you do an on line scan to see if there really is a problem click here

  techhelp 11:11 26 Mar 2005

rawprawn ... thanks, did not look far enough.
sattman ... thanks for that, it suggest I should reinstall as per your info. When I installed AVG I used the 'custom' option, I am not sure I have any protection so reinstall is a must now. I thought the custom intsall did all that was required to provide the protections needed.

  rawprawn 11:51 26 Mar 2005

I'm glad you are sorted.

  techhelp 18:11 27 Mar 2005

rawprawn ... not quite sorted yet. The original installation was not 'custom' installed as I previously suggested but 'standard' installed.I assumed it would auto configure without me messing anything up. I do not think then it was configured properly because when I downloaded and re-installed it again yesterday, I made sure the boxes as per sattman tutorial was ticked (check all files were omitted before) I am hoping I will be able to either, Heal, Delete or Move to Vault, the next virus detected. To be safe I was trying to add Zone Alarm to my system.
Two Questions:
Do Zone Alarm provide a free anti virus program for personal use ... or who else is there?
Is it perfectly safe to Disable System restore and run AVG (Control Panel> System> tick System Restore)?
Many thanks.

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