My First Website - Need Help

  User-BFAC8B73-04C2-43B2-94F249FDAC675856 18:12 10 Apr 2007

I have just built my new website by editing a free template I acquired from Bravenet with Frontpage. Everything appears to be ok when viewing the different web pages in preview mode however when I upload the site to my server using SmartFTP It no longer looks the same i.e. all buttons and pictures not being shown. All of these have been uploaded to the folder along with the web pages but cant seem to get them to show.

Probably a very simple problem but asmpt at doing this and struggling so need help please.



  slightlymad 18:30 10 Apr 2007

How are your images referenced in the HTML? If it's something like this: url/images/background.jpg, then the browser is looking for your image folder.

Can you give us a link to your site? Then we'll be able to tell where your images should be located.

Guess this is why people should read the instructions before trying things themselves - right I am rather proud of myself because I have managed to edit the HTML manually so that the images are now referenced to the correct place - which for me was a milestone in itself (thanks for the pointer slightlymad but now have another problem:

When I press the navigation buttons to move from one page to another even though I have hyperlinked them to what I think is the right place it takes me to an error page saying 'Not Found - the requested document was not found on this server'

For example:

'Contact' button hyperlinked to click here

contact.html is saved in the same directory on my server - another easy one for you guys but got me stumped.



Sorry used the wrong link to explain what I had done - should read as follows:

'Contact' button hyperlinked to click here

Asusual any help would be greatly appreciated.



  Forum Editor 23:36 10 Apr 2007

you should always publish a FrontPage site from within FrontPage, and not via a third-party FTP program.

Are FrontPage extensions running on your server?

Thanks everyobe for your hlp as usual - this place rocks!!

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