My First Website - are Blogger pages a good idea?

  Not Waving 12:04 03 Jul 2009


I'm in the process of doing research prior to building my own website. The site will be essentially an informative one with maybe a couple of dozen links off the home page to different (related) subjects. After seeing advice given on this and other forums I'm of a mind to use Adobe Dreamweaver for the build.

My question (one of a million going around in my head at the moment)is this: Is it a good idea to have these linked pages "Blogger" pages as they are free. I ask this because I assume the cost of hosting a site with many pages is significsntly more than a site with only one page. I must emphasise that this is assumption based on very little knowledge.

Also will there be a difference in the loading times and would they automatically open in a new window etc.

Thank you

Not Waving.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:59 03 Jul 2009

The cost of hosting a website depends on the package you get frm the hosting provider.
In broad terms you will be charging depends on the following:

Storage availability
Bandwidth useage
Number of email addresses available
Number of domains to be hosted
Number of sub domains required
Shared or dedicated servers
and a few others...

I don't know of any company that limits the number of pages you can have, although anyone is welcome to point one out to me!

So, the number of pages you have is likely to be inconsequential as long as you don't go over your storage allowance.

There are companies that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, which may be suitable for you depending on exactly what you want from you site.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:01 03 Jul 2009

"In broad terms you will be charging depends on the following:"

Should have read:

In broad terms, the amount you will be charged depends on the following

  Not Waving 13:45 03 Jul 2009

Thank you OTT_Buzzard

I'll have a trawl around hosting companies to check out my options.

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