My first web site - advice please

  johnincrete 08:13 10 Jan 2014

I am creating a website using WebPLus x6 for my daughter's school here in Crete where Greek children learn English. There are a number of questions I have. 1. Some - not all - pages need to be displayed in Greek or English with the reader selecting which one. Thus, I don't want the language option on the Home page but only on the pages where the alternative exists. Do I have to create two identical pages but one in Greeek and one in English? Is it best to display the Greek page from the master page selection and then have the English selected from this? Or should I show both Greek and English on the same page? 2. Webplus offers many templates and each one is "screen shaped" i.e. landscape. If I want to start from scratch, I am offered an A4 shaped screen. How do I start from scratch with a work area that I know will fill the screen when displayed? 3. I will be developing using a conventional display screen. What should I bear in mind when I know many users will have wide-screen displays? 4. Some pages will have static content, some will have occasional small updates and at least one will be updated at least weekly. Does this affect the design? 5. The target audience is partly schools in UK who have been given the link but mainly parents and pupils of the school here in Crete. The URL will end .gr. Should I choose an ISP in UK or Greece? Does it matter? 6. I have looked at Language school web sites here in Greece and, generally, each page is very busy. I prefer pages where the information is simply presented. This might mean more pages. Also, I don't like to have to scroll down to see all the page. What significance does this have to the design and maintenence. 7. What influences the colour of the background? The most frequent I have seen is a white background which can get a bit "glary" when looked at for some time especially on modern wide-screen displays. That's all for now. Any help will be appreciated

  Forum Editor 22:23 14 Jan 2014

I've just noticed this, and you're asking lots of questions. I can help, but it's late, and I have a very early start. No doubt someone else will come to the rescue, and I'll be back at some point tomorrow to add what I can.

Suffice it to say that there are fairly straightforward solutions to all of your questions.

  AliceGeorge 10:22 29 Jan 2014

I can try to answer some of your questions. For the first question, I feel that you let the page in Greek language displayed by default and let the English page displayed only on request done by the user. Your website must be compatible both for the desktops and all the mobiles. I would suggest you to keep your site optimized for all the devices in which it would be viewed.

  Woolwell 16:42 06 Feb 2014

I don't normally pop into this forum but I have WebPlus X7 and may be able to help.

Create 2 pages - one Greek, one English with the option to switch between them. You may want a Greek home page for effectively a Greek only site and a link on the home page which takes you to an English only site. A lot of duplication involved but probably cleaner in the long run.

WebPlus creates a default page size. Using WebPlus you can use the preview button to see how the page will look at different screen sizes. There set default sizes and a custom option so you can see how it would look on virtually any screen.

Don't worry about the wide screen. The site should centre automatically.

How you update is down to you and shouldn't greatly change the design.

For a gr url I would use a Greek domain/website host. ISP is not really material unless you are using their web hosting.

If you want to avoid scrolling then you have to take into account some quite small screen sizes. This obviously limits what you can put on each page. It may be better to have the information on one page and scroll rather than several pages especially if you take into account a print off of the information.

Clarity and contrast is the main criteria for background colour.

Good luck.

  johnincrete 04:58 07 Feb 2014

Thanks all.

I will press on and just have a go!

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