My first virus

  Clint2 11:28 10 May 2004

This morning, I received an e-mail purporting to come from Serif software. It had an attached Zip file. Following my usual practice with attachments, I saved it to the desktop unopened. Using the right click context menu, I then scanned it with AVG, and it detected the Netsky virus.

I then did a full AVG scan, and again it detected the virus on the desktop. I deleted the e-mail and the attachment and did a further full AVG scan. This time nothing showed.

My question is, do I have to take any further action?

  Djohn 11:36 10 May 2004

No, you have done the correct thing. The only other suggestion is if you are using XP. Turn off system restore and run the scan again then re-enable system restore. j.

  Clint2 11:42 10 May 2004

I am running Me so I will take your suggestion on board and thank you for your reassurance.

  spencer boy 11:51 10 May 2004

Just one question - does AVG have a 'real-time' virus detection option (scans e-mails as they come in). It seems strange that a manual check has to be done (is it down to being free I suspose).

  bretsky 11:54 10 May 2004

Just wondering, were you exspecting this email from serif software, because my advise to anybody using email, is if you don't recognize the sender or the subject DELETE THEM use this to sort out your email messages, it's free and really easy to use. click here

good luck...................bretsky ;0)

  Clint2 12:04 10 May 2004

Yes like you I use Mailwasher but I do receive e-mails from Serif so I downloaded to my e-mail client. It seems that these virus writers are getting more sophisticated and are riding on the backs of legitimate companies.

  Djohn 12:09 10 May 2004

Yes, AVG will scan e-mail but not the attachment. This needs to be done manually as Clint2 explains in his first post.

  spencer boy 13:31 10 May 2004

The reason I asked is that my virus software checks e-mails and attachments as they come in (no manual process). As Clint2 mentioned e-mails are getting more sophisticated and for the more average and newer user (like myself) then some of these newer e-mails with attachemnts could slip through. Think we all have to be on our guard all the time when it comes to e-mails (even with the automatic checkers). Hopefully this thread and the underlining message will etch something on my mind to be more on guard when it comes to attachments.

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