my first try at making a forum....

  he he :-)™ 23:25 17 Apr 2003

what do you think click here suggestions welcome... :-)

  Djohn 23:33 17 Apr 2003

Are you serious when you say this is your first attempt!

If it is my friend, I think you shoud be doing this for a living. Very well done, I have left a comment on your site to say so. J.

  billyliv 00:27 18 Apr 2003

Hi, Very Nice, Please make it the last one. Before long there will be so many forums it will take all night to try to log into the one you want. I have to ask, What is wrong with the PCA forum?. bill

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:33 18 Apr 2003

Oh well, as you asked.......the site is a proboard template so I assume that little self design was used. Secondly, what is the aim of the site/ Is there a reason or aim? It is very similar to the rest of the proboard sites but does not seem to have a point.


  Forum Editor 00:49 18 Apr 2003

Not really, although maybe I do have one.......

If you want to run a forum that stands any chance of success you'll need to follow a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to juvenile posts.

Otherwise the forum will very rapidly join the thousands of others that are populated by people who have nothing to say, but say it in the most offensive way possible. There's absolutely no point in hosting a refuge for those who think it's fun to be abusive and to swap silly stories about nothing in particular. Gandalf's right - make sure your forum has a point, there are tens of thousands of Proboard forums out there, and most of them are going nowhere.

I know that probably sounds a bit harsh, but I can't see any future in devoting a lot of time to running a forum unless there's an end result.

  he he :-)™ 01:01 18 Apr 2003

ok thanx all keep em comin...

  bigdamouk 01:52 18 Apr 2003

They're all right of course he he :-)™, you have to have a forum with a point, otherwise why would anyone want to visit?

My forum at click here has a point, its an extension to my website teaching people to play the guitar and the addition of the forum is to extend peoples learning on a one to one basis, making it a bit more personal.


  Mango Grummit 07:36 18 Apr 2003

FE quote "If you want to run a forum that stands any chance of success you'll need to follow a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to juvenile posts."

I'm sure that he he will have no problem adopting such a policy. See his contributions (and others) to this forum
click here Not everyones cup of tea obviously, it's more of a chatroom really, but they enjoy it and after all it's harmless.

Good luck anyway young sir, way to go lol.

  Paperback Writer 10:52 18 Apr 2003

I think Mango Grummit has a good point. I don't like those boards with the little faces on, smiling, growling etc. It just seems silly.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:20 18 Apr 2003

Having looked at bigdamouks' site I am impressed and if you are setting up yet another site then this is the way forward. His?, site has an aim and a reason for people to visit and there is a forum if they want to chat. The guitar theme is enough to encourage people with an interest in learning etc.

If you are going to throw up a proboard or similar, you need a point. There are thousands of chat type proboards and 99.999% are truly dire, falling into the trap of having a small core (usually 10) of members, who are the only ones' posting and backslapping conviviality when any member makes a comment.

.The FE is right about hosting refuges; there are literally thousands of these type of forums, full of silly stories, baaad humour, racist views, and so-called serious subjects that evolve into gormless, inane, non-related comments by those who feel that they are well humorous. There is nothing wrong with a bit of light-heartedness but when it creeps into every thread and when there is little administration because everyone regards themselves as a ‘community’ the writing is writ large upon the wall. Most proboards or similar are like this and if you fall into the same trap, then your site will become one of the millions that are only visited by happenstance or by a tiny core of members, therefore adding little new ideas or views and rapidly becoming stale.

For the site to have a chance and not wishing to rain on anyone’s parade there are possibly millions of vague sites around going nowhere fast and getting stale even faster; a site needs to be focussed. Forget a ‘general site ,for all the reasons above. The only problem with a focussed site is that you will have difficulty getting a large number of members because of it’s individuality. On the other hand it is better to have a knowledgeable bunch, who can contribute effectively, than a small group who only contribute gormless comments and little substance….it gets a tad like Groundhog Day and does zilch to encourage new members, get them to stay or contribute loads. ;-))


  ellas 13:21 18 Apr 2003

it looks to me like he he :-)™ is just having a bit of fun and learning at the same time,seems to me like one or two people just take everything so seriously,have fun he he :-)™.

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