My First proper site:

  aram 14:02 16 Oct 2008

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Hi guys

I am just finishing off my first proper site, its an animated guide to building a PC. Its been about a year in the making, although the actual site has taken me about 3 months (evenings and weekends), the animation was the long part!

I was hoping to get some feedback from people about all aspects of the site including the content.

All comments much appreciated (be gentle ;)



  aram 18:03 16 Oct 2008

hehe, yea spelling never was my strongest point.... I will go over the whole thing tonight with a spell checker.

cheers! :)

  Forum Editor 23:08 16 Oct 2008

to check the technical content on your site, so I make no comment about that. fourm member's comments about spelling errors are right on the money, however - spelling is certainly not your strong point, and neither is grammar.

There's nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to publishing anything in text form there is nothing that marks your effort as 'unprofessional' more than sloppy grammar and bad spelling.

The real way to proof-read copy is to print it - trying to do it on a screen can be very difficult unless you're an experienced journalist, and even journalists make mistakes - you'll find plenty of typos in newspapers and magazines these days.

If you're not confident in your ability to do the job yourself get someone to do it for you.

I liked your site very much, the concept is good, and I can see that a great deal of hard work has gone into the design and execution. Sharpen up the text and you'll have something you can be proud of.

  aram 01:11 17 Oct 2008

Thanks guys, I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look and get back to me with your comments.

I have copied all 22,000 words into word, done a basic spell/grammar check (which seemingly does pick up quite a lot, including your/you're) and will now split it up and enlist the help of some friends to check it further.

I agree with you both that it's a very important thing to get right, and I think I will really make more effort in future to check text as I write to ensure it doesn't start as badly as this has!

Also thanks for your positive comments, they are much appreciated :)

hopefully this post was error free! ;)

  Kemistri 03:15 18 Oct 2008

The graphics are pretty neat - basic but clean and bold. Your layout is neat. The nav is good.

It's a pity about the occasional question mark icons in your text where apostrophes should be - that is obvious and easy to sort - and why is the text on your contact page so big and spaced out?

  aram 10:59 18 Oct 2008

Hey Kemistri

I guess I need to sort those ?/' to use proper codes, I'll put that on the to do list :)
Thanks for pointing out the contact page, the style was being overwritten by another, it's fixed now.

Thanks for the comments mate

  s99Raj 20:03 19 Oct 2008

I thought the site was excellent (ignoring any spelling or grammar mistakes)!

How did you get those graphics to work so beautifully? What program(s) did you use?

  TomLinny 23:47 19 Oct 2008

I just thought i would say i like it. Easy to use and understand and the animations are great.

Should be very useful for people

  aram 00:59 20 Oct 2008

thanks guys! It's been a long journey, but hearing things like that make it worthwhile :)

s99Raj, the animations were created using Maya (rendered with mental ray) and then edited using adobe premiere. It was a pretty long process as each component was modeled and animated by hand. It's nice to see that people are enjoying the result!

  MAT ALAN 20:36 20 Oct 2008

You have places to buy links but ALL the top offers for each component the advert is nearly all for DABS.
Bit unfair unless you are linked to Dabs in some way...
For newby's, i think the concept is pretty good for anybody who wants to build but to suggest that one particular website may be better than others when it comes to buying is miss-leading...

  aram 22:03 20 Oct 2008

Hi Mat

The links to dabs are suggestions rather than direct recommendations. However if somebody asked me I would recommend Dabs because they are generally the cheapest and I have had no troubles when using them.

The components listed on the side are labeled as 'Tom components' rather than top offers. They are not mean to be any sort of special deals.

In order to receive an income without filling the site with excessive advertising, each of the component links are affiliate links, which means that if somebody buys from that retailer via one of the links on the site, I will receive a small commission.
I could have used any of the retailers which I have affiliate programs with (the ones listed at the bottom of each page) for each individual component, but Dabs came out cheapest on almost every one. If this changes I will make sure the links reflect this.

I hope this explains why the links are as they are.

Thanks for your comments :)

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