my first e commerce website

  drdeath 16:22 07 Mar 2004

hi folks,
regular readers of this forum will know for ages ive been trying to develop a e commerce website, i finally (with help) devized the below mobile phone accessorie website, at first i was apprenhensive about what i was letting myself in for and at times thought i was out of my depth, i didnt realise either how much hard work it would be, luckily i had someone guide me along the way, and i can honestly say ive enjoyed the experience and feel that being pushed in at the deep end works best.. im under no illusions about the site, i just wanted to start my own e commerce site for the experience, and i highly reccomend anyone trying.. if i can do it anyone can, as the old saying goes, now the site is almost complete just need to touch up cosmetically and test site etc and i would appreciate all of your negative comments about thesite so i can do something positive about this, before launch after all im still very much a learner. click here thank you for your time

  Sheila-214876 17:45 07 Mar 2004

It looks a pretty good site to me, but I would suggest that you check your spelling and grammar. Particularly in the "About us" and "Conditions of use" pages. I didn't go any further into the site as I thought these two pages were bad enough and what would I find in other pages.

  drdeath 18:11 07 Mar 2004

thank you i have ammended spelling errors now.

  Sheila-214876 11:16 08 Mar 2004

Looking good, but check your paragraph "Comments and Suggestions
We sincerely welcome comments and suggestions from our customers, which is for us is the voice from heaven, we are looking to establishing stable business relation with you in the future, Your satisfactory is the source of joy and hope." It doesn't read right. "which is for us is the...." you don't need the second "is" just use a comma after "which is, for us, and also "satisfactory" is probably better as "safisfaction"??

  Sheila-214876 12:57 08 Mar 2004

Oops, last word should read "satisfaction"

  tomleady 12:57 08 Mar 2004

looks very good. well done!

one suggestion: your images. the one's with a white background, they dont seem that clear.

is that becuase you have resized them in the html?

and the logos of Orange, Vodaphone etc at the top are of poor quality.

apart from that, it looks very good.

keep up the good work!


  Sheila-214876 13:46 08 Mar 2004

Sorry, drdeath. Just checked more pages and you haven't spellchecked. How do you spell "coverd"? There are also lots of fullstops and commas in the wrong places. If you can't get the text right how do we know you will get the order right?

  whatsupdoc 14:24 08 Mar 2004

its always best to get a friend or someone else to proof read the whole site. preferably someone who has a good command of grammar and punctuation. there's nothing more annoying to some people than bad grammar. apart from that it looks really good and even better than some sites i regularly order from.

regards nick

  Sheila-214876 15:11 08 Mar 2004

Yes, agree with whatsupdoc. Make sure someone else proofreads all your pages before uploading them.

  drdeath 17:05 08 Mar 2004

thank you very much everyone for your comments good and bad, i will go through the grammar, spelling etc with a fine toothcomb, i appreciate everyone who took the time to go to this site.....

  Forum Editor 19:48 08 Mar 2004

many grammatical errors on the site, and errors in punctuation. In addition, I would be a little wary of buying from a mobile phone accessory site which referred to Britain's biggest mobile phone network as "Vodaphone" - it should be "Vodafone".

All e-commerce sites hosted in the UK must comply with the Distance selling regulations, and broadly speaking you must ensure that you notify customers of:-

1. The seller's name (that's you, unless you are a limited company) and, if payment is required in advance, his/her full postal address.

2. A full description of the goods or services offered.

3. The price, including V.A.T. if applicable

4. Delivery costs where they apply

5. Arrangements for payment

6. Arrangements and date for delivery

7. The right to cancel the order

8. How long the offer or the price remains valid

You already provide some of this information, but some of it is lacking.

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