My first attempt!

  Djohn 17:05 01 Jul 2006

Hello guys, this is my very first attempt at designing a website. I don't mind saying, I found it very difficult to start with and reading a couple of books didn't seem to help me much either, but with help from my mate cycoze who gave lots of encouragement and tips I've managed to get this far.

I did the work in FrontPage 2003 mainly because this is the only application I have beside Notepad for editing. I've used both the design and code view along with examining and using the 'tags' to try and learn a little of coding.

I left the borders in and coloured them maroon which shows up fine in I.E. but not Firefox. I've been told this is something to do with the way FrontPage does the coding. I have tried to find a way round this, but can't so will appreciate any advice.

Anyway, its my first go, I'm pleased with what I have so far and though it was a struggle at first, I'm now enjoying it as I find things working the way I intended them to.

Any help, advice will be appreciated, there is still a lot more to do but due to my health I can only spend a short period each time working on the site.

Thank you to those who take the time to look and comment. dj.

  Djohn 17:07 01 Jul 2006

It would have course help if I gave the address.
click here

  CurlyWhirly 19:40 01 Jul 2006

Very good djohn and excellent for a first attempt :)

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:24 01 Jul 2006

The maroon borders also do not show up in Opera 9.

  ade.h 22:10 01 Jul 2006

Not a bad first effort, particularly the use of a contact form (PHP I presume; did you hard code the PHP file?). I'm a little envious, because I only recently conquered the PHP thing, despite being into this for over a year!

  Djohn 22:48 01 Jul 2006

Thank you guys, I will attend to the cell padding. :o)

Hello ade.h, keeping well I hope? Yes but I too had a lot of trouble with it as FrontPage did not want to play with the format. :o(

I stuck at it for a few days then after about 20 attempts to upload it I asked cycoze to look at it for me. He fixed the problem late one night telling me to save the site, I did and uploaded my version completely overwriting the work he had just done.

When I booted up the following morning he had already spotted it and fixed it once more. It was good learning experience though and the form stops robots from gathering your address and a spammer would need to hit it manually every time. ;o)

  ade.h 23:35 01 Jul 2006

Thanks for asking. Stressed, busy, but otherwise, I can't complain!

I found that incorporating a PHP form into my sites was straighforward. Writing the PHP was quite a lot harder, and getting the two linked up was initially very tricky until I discovered that the properties of the submit button had an Action box into which you put yourform.php - easy once you know how! I use NetObjects Fusion 8 by the way. click here for my latest - as yet unfinished - pet project.

About spamming.... click here and click here

You'll need to use something like that to avoid the use of your form to send spam to others people.

  ade.h 23:39 01 Jul 2006

By the way; to make sure that no-one can find your email address by guessing the name and location of your script, add this as the second paragraph:

if (!isset($_REQUEST['email'])) {
header( "Location: http: //www. example .com/feedback.html" );

That bounces their attempt and all they see is your form. You could even change the URL to www. nicetry .com!

  Forum Editor 09:33 02 Jul 2006

it has the clean, uncluttered look that I favour over some of the more elaborate sites that often emerge from a first attempt.

If I was nitpicking on the design side I would suggest that you try a font change, preferably to Verdana - my personal favourite for readability. You might also explore the possibilities of working with tables. As your pages acquire more content the scrolling may become an irritation, and with careful use of tables you'll get a far more attractive look, and there'll be more on the page. This particularly applies to your links page, where a table with, say, four columns would enable you to get far more in the same space. in the first and third columns you could place hyperlinks, whilst the second and fourth columns would contain the brief text explanations. It works very well, and if you opt for 9pt verdana you'll see how much cleaner it can look. It might be worth a try.

  mco 14:42 02 Jul 2006

I'm not really qualified to comment (but I shall, anyway!)I think it's very good too! I agree with FE's point about its clean, uncluttered look. I was only thinking about you this morning - still using on this old pc an even older copy of Word97 you sent me over two years ago when I first joined. 'Gentleman of the Forum' I think was the term used of you!

  ade.h 22:56 02 Jul 2006

Where did p;3's post go? It was here a few minutes ago. It didn't contain anything that risked deletion, unless I missed something.

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