My email address in profile on here

  Damarc 12:14 15 Nov 2008

As I'm moving ISPs I've changed my email address to my googlemail one on this site, validated it, checked that it is the correct one in my profile, accepted that, but the notifications of posts are still being sent to my old email address which, thankfully, hasn't yet finished.

I've emailed the webmaster as I can't find any other suitable contact but perhaps someone on here can help me.

  The Brigadier 12:25 15 Nov 2008

PM the FE?

  lotvic 12:45 15 Nov 2008

I just tried to access 'My Profile' on here and it throws up 'Site Error' so must be a problem with it.

I filled the error form in that came up so guess they will fix it eventually.

  User-1229748 12:56 15 Nov 2008

i think pca may be experiencing a few problems today as when i click to log out today it keeps me logged in

  ronalddonald 13:37 15 Nov 2008

why don't you set up a new gmail account with a no's added to it that way the new mail should go to your old email isp.

Don't allow the gmail to send emails to your old one, that way you wouldn't have this problem, when i left aol i went straight over to gmail with no problems.

for example sutton no no no as in number, you can think of something and when you do make sure you can remember it, if you cant write it down in a safe place and for goodness sake dont forget the pssword

  lotvic 17:31 15 Nov 2008

I have failed completely to make any sense out of your last post. Please can you do it again but simpler? so that I can follow what's going on.

  Forum Editor 17:54 15 Nov 2008

Let me know which email address the notification of this post is sent to.

  Damarc 20:45 15 Nov 2008

I accepted the validation a couple of days ago. I thought it would be immediate.

  Damarc 14:40 20 Nov 2008

going to my old email address but I'm being notified on my new email address when someone responds to my threads. I never used to get notifications of my own posts only those of others and I would have thought everything would have gone to my new email address now.

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