my dvd writer is taking over my pc

  winstonwolf 13:00 22 Aug 2004

up until yesterday i have had no problems with burning to dvd , a cd i put in the drive would not eject and i had to use the eject facility in comp management to get it out , since then my dvd will only burn at around 1x , taking an hour for 70 minutes of data. also while dvd's are burning i can no longer do anything on my pc , all the resources seem to be taken by the burn process , what has happened ? AMD Athlon xp2000+ , 512mb ddr , windows xp , philips dvdrw416

  Totally-braindead 14:57 22 Aug 2004

I would suggest that either there is something wrong with the actual drive or and this is more likely something in the burning software is corrupt. This could explain why the cd wouldn't eject, if the burning program locked up then the drive wouldn't let you eject the disk as the program was still using it. Try deleting and reinstalling whatever burning software you have and try it again, if the fault persists then post back.

  winstonwolf 15:55 22 Aug 2004

I've tried using 3 different burning softwae apps but have the same result using each , very slow burning

  Totally-braindead 19:30 22 Aug 2004

I take it that it burned at a faster speed before and only now has slowed up. Have you changed the make of DVDs that you're using? DVD writers are very fussy about some DVDs and in order to stop them being ruined the software can cut down the burn speed.

  winstonwolf 00:02 23 Aug 2004

its a 4x speed writer and has always burnt at 4x , up until the cd was jammed , am using the same media as always so thats not the problem , i'm starting to think maybe the drive is on its way out

  Totally-braindead 15:37 23 Aug 2004

The only way to be 100% certain that the drive is on the way out, and I agree with you that it looks likely, is to try it in someone elses PC if you've got a mate with a computer and see what it does.

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