My DVD recorder has gone black and white.

  polo 10:56 24 Nov 2009

I have a Panasonic DMR EX75 DVD recorder which is giving me trouble. (At least I think it's the recorder and not the Panasonic TV to which it is connected which is working fine.) At first I found that I could get the terestial channels and in coulour via the DVD recorders freeview facility (I usually use the TV's Freeview) but I couldn't pick up all the other cannels. Then I found that the Direct navigator, the programme guide and the other function buttons brought up everything on the screen in black and white, even the recorded material on the hard drive came in B+W. The Program guide at this point had an (A) in brackets beside every channel number and against each channel it said 'no information is available for analogue programme'. This made me wonder if somehow I had switched from digital to analogue, though this wouldn't account for it going B+W?
In an attempt to put things right I did the automatic set up programme search again and the result of this was that I can now get all Freeview channels and the Programme guide now shows all the programme information but in B+W. So the present situation is that it's working but not in colour. So what has happened,has my recorder lost it's capacity to operate in colour or have I inadvertently done something to bring this about like pressed the wrong button somewhere! Help would be much appreciated. My siganal is 100% quality and about 85% strength by the way. As maybe you can tell I'm not very savvy in these matters. Cheers Polo

  BRYNIT 11:34 24 Nov 2009

Have you connected the DVD recorder to the TV via a scart lead if you have the problem could be with this connection.

Possible causes

1. Loose scart lead. Remove and reconnect scart lead at both ends.

2. Faulty scart lead. Try another scart lead.

  mooly 11:58 24 Nov 2009

Somewhere in the menu's there is probably a factory reset setting, might be called "defaults" on a Pana.

You could also first look through the menus for picture settings. You may have it set to something other than PAL 1 perhaps under "colour system" etc or you have it set to RGB or component out (via the scart) rather than composite video.

I would need it in front of me to see really, but this is all it sounds like to me.

  mooly 12:00 24 Nov 2009

Should just add it is possible to have the TV scarts set incorrectly too.

Can you try another either another TV or another DVD/Video recorder on your TV to prove which is set incorrectly.

  polo 15:21 25 Nov 2009

Many thanks to you guys for your help. The problem seems to be related to the scart sockets. It may be the leds but I don't think so. The TV set has 3 scart sockets 2 of them seem to have a loose connection namely 2 and 4 so I've connected to 1 and the whole thing works fine. This is poor as the Panasonic cost £1200 and it's only 3 to 4 years old.Thanks again Polo

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