my dvd drive has broke, how can i put a new one in

  kaiser111 18:15 28 Feb 2008

hi guys and gals, recently my 1 year old daughter broke my dvd drive, the tray wont open and makes mad noises, so i was thinking (as i se a lot of dvd-rw `s on ebay)could i buy one of these and connect it to my pc?
if so how do i connect it?what do i need to do?
please help me as i need my drive back!!
thanks in advance, kaiser111.

  beeuuem 18:27 28 Feb 2008

Have you tried manually opening the tray? Many CD/DVD units have a manual eject option on them. If you see a pin hole on the front of the CD unit, you may be able to open the tray manually by inserting an unbent paperclip into that hole.

  chub_tor 18:29 28 Feb 2008

This is a straightforward procedure click here

  kaiser111 18:36 28 Feb 2008

no beeuuem, cannt do that, its broke completly, out of line and all sorts!!

chub, thx for that, do all drives have the same leads that go into the back of them?

  snowy30 18:55 28 Feb 2008

It's simple enough. All drives have the same power and scsi connections, if you have two DVD drives, check on the rear for its 'jumper' settings tp see if it's set as a slave or master.

Primary drive>master setting

Secondary drive>slave setting

  chub_tor 19:02 28 Feb 2008

When you take the old one out you can look on the back of it where the jumpers are and see if it was set to Slave or Master. Just make the new one the same as the old one.

  beeuuem 19:04 28 Feb 2008

You will need to be sure that you get the corrrect type - we don't know the model or how old your computer is.
It is probably an IEDE drive with a wide ribbon cable but newer ones may have a SATA drive with a round cable.
You may be as well looking in a local computer store rather than EBay. One of my drives gave up last week and I opted for this drive
click here which was £19-00 at a local shop click here.

  kaiser111 19:43 28 Feb 2008

dont want to sound thick but whats a jumper?(and please dont say its what you wear!!)
i have already taken it out once when i was looking at it, it has a little black lead, a big long flat one in the middle and the 4 pin one at the other end.
my pc is a e.system, 1 year and 6 months old.

  skidzy 19:45 28 Feb 2008

A video tutorial for you click here
you have nothing to fear,its a straight forward change.

Though as mentioned earlier,you do need to check your drive to see if its ide or sata.

Again as said and just to refresh this,normally a sata cable will be a thin as opposed to a wide ribbon cable for ide.
For example IDE cable click here
Sata cable click here

  woodchip 19:56 28 Feb 2008

The Drive is a IDE as it as a Flat ribbon cable in the middle four pin is power the small one goes to the sound card or onboard motherboard sound. Jumper is a liitle plastic bit covvering two pins there will be more pins that are not covered, a Diagram for the pins will be on top of the drive Like Master, Slave, C/S

Power plug only goes on one way Ribbon cable as a red wire at one edge this goes tward the power plug sound as a little clip on the plug you have to press to pull it off

  kaiser111 20:01 28 Feb 2008

ide cable is what i have in middle!!
you guys have been a great help, now i can look for a dvd rw drive, thx.

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