My DVD doesn't work anymore

  Stiperstones 10:28 02 Apr 2006

Hi, I have a decent Medion tower computer which my youngest son uses (mostly to play games on). It runs all the standard stuff, XP Home etc. I have a seperate CD player (which works) but the additional (built in) DVD player has stopped working. I haven't the faintest idea what to do to get it back up and running. Can anyone help?


  johnnyrocker 10:33 02 Apr 2006

try system restore back to a known working time?


  Methedrine 10:34 02 Apr 2006

Does the little LED on it light up when you switch the PC on?

It might be an idea to take the side of the case off and check that the power and ribbon cables are connected securely. Make sure that there isn't a disc stuck in the drive as well.

  Ivor_Monkey 10:37 02 Apr 2006

You could also check out the device in device manager;

control panel/system/hardware/device manager/dvd drives

See if it is listed or has a yellow question mark. The driver may need installing.

  Stiperstones 10:55 02 Apr 2006

1. Johnyrocker - If I do a system restore to say 3-months ago (or even 6-months) what will happen to all of the patches and updates I've done since them?

2. Methedine - Yes, the light does come on at startup. No, there isn't a DVD stuck. I'll leave the dismantling as a last resort.

3. Ivor-Monkey. I tried your suggestion thank you. The device is listed and there is no warning marker against it.


  ACOLYTE 10:58 02 Apr 2006

Does the dvd drive read normal cd's if you put one in?,if so it may just be the dvd laser has failed,if not then it may be the whole unit has failed.

  Stiperstones 11:02 02 Apr 2006

Acolyte, thanks. Neither CD nor DVD work in that specific unit. Forgive me for sounding daft - but if the unit has failed - would the light still come on at startup and why would the device manager report that the 'device is working properly'?


  ACOLYTE 11:07 02 Apr 2006

If the laser has failed windows wouldn't know this as it doesn't,cant check laser's,so it would still think the player is working how it should,and yes the light would still come on if the laser had failed,that just tells you the unit has power,not that its internal working's are ok.

  Stiperstones 11:18 02 Apr 2006

Okay, any views on a system restore? Will I have to do all of the updates and patches from the system restore point that I choose?


  johnnyrocker 11:27 02 Apr 2006

why the need to go back 3-6 months? is this not s recent occurrrence?


  ACOLYTE 11:29 02 Apr 2006

Can you try the drive in another pc? save yourself a restore.

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