"My Documents" has self-renamed to "[pbg]+"

  dikda 15:54 12 Aug 2007

Help please!
"My Documents" folder in the Start Menu (XP SP2) has apparently renamed itself spontaneously to "[pbg]+". I can recall nothing that I have done that could have caused this. Could anyone please offer a possible explanation as to why this has happened and also confirm that if I correct it using the normal re-name facility in doing so I will not create other difficulties.
(Geriatric on steep learning curve but "becoming" computer (il)literate).
Thankyou in anticipation.

  Graham. 15:59 12 Aug 2007

I can't see any harm in re-naming it using the right-click menu. But the reason it has happened? Grandchildren?

  recap 15:59 12 Aug 2007

Firstly I would run a deep scan with an anti virus program.

  Graham. 13:25 13 Aug 2007

Have you fallen asleep?

  dikda 17:33 13 Aug 2007

No, not sleeping but resting peacefully - it is called geriatric narcolepsy (just joking). Many thanks for your suggestions - it is definitely not grandchildren. Ikeep 'em in the cage with the big dog & the ferret! I've done a full scan with Norton which is always up to date & that came up clean. I'm intrigued by the fact that the new name is so specific and is clearly not casual key depressions. It is almost as though a file has hi-jacked the folder, so I'm checking through files to see if there is a similar name anywhere. thank you again.

  Graham. 19:36 13 Aug 2007

Can you show us what you see? When the offending item is on the screen, press 'prt scr'.

Open Paint in Accessories, Edit, Paste. Then File, Save As, Save in 'Desktop' as JPEG, File name 'Screen'.

Go to click here and Browse to the picture. Press Upload now.

Copy the 3rd url down, (URL for Email and IM:) and paste it into the forum.

You should get something like this click here

It won't help much, but it's good fun.

  Graham. 19:39 13 Aug 2007


  dikda 02:44 14 Aug 2007

Well Graham that WAS fun! I have never attempted anything like that before. Your instructions were v.good but I fell at the final hurdle. Having got the image as bmp into TinyPic OK I didn't understand "paste it into the forum" - told you I was illiterate. The URL was click here. Hey maybe I was successful - have just entered that address and the screen shot appeared - maybe you'll find it. Don't know what it will tell you though - Thanks for your trouble.

  Graham. 15:52 14 Aug 2007

Non the wiser, however. I would write it off and rename it to Documents (forget the My).

  recap 10:53 15 Aug 2007

Has the Target Path changed as well? to find this Right Click 'My Documents' select 'Properties' and on the 'Target' tab you should see what the path is. Post back the results.

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